Mom Arrested After Jon Lovitz Publicizes Anti-Semitic Swastika and Feces Vandalism

Jon Lovitz took a break from attacking the President in the news in recent weeks to help bring some anti-Semitic teen bullies to justice after an upsetting incident at a friend’s home in which hateful graffiti was scrawled on a footpath by classmates of a kid living there.

But the family had a friend in high places in Lovitz, and the former SNL actor took to Twitter to voice his disgust at what he perceived as a weak response to the anti-Semitism from the school attended by the prejudiced vandals. And while Lovitz was successful in getting harsher punishment for the kids, what’s more shocking is that a mom is in trouble as well for allegedly tagging along and driving the getaway car.

According to LA Weekly, 43-year-old Catharine Whelpley is facing a laundry list of serious-sounding charges after the early April attack during which swastikas and the word “Jew” were scrawled on a classmates walkway and feces smeared on the girls’ cars.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office released the following statement describing the vandalism and confirming the arrest of Catharine Whelpley, who is said to have been identified via a neighbor’s surveillance video:

“On April 3, 2012, Defendant Whelpley allegedly drove her daughter, a juvenile age 14, and her daughter’s two juvenile friends, age 13 and 14, to a residence that was the home of one of their former middle school friends. The three juveniles exited Whelpley’s vehicle and threw toilet paper into the trees and on the property. The girls then poured maple syrup on the front porch and smeared human feces on the homeowner’s vehicle.”

The release continues:

“After vandalizing the first property, Defendant Whelpley allegedly drove the juveniles to the store to purchase additional toilet paper. Defendant Whelpley then allegedly drove to the second victim’s residence, where the juveniles threw toilet paper over the property, smeared human feces on the porch, and poured maple syrup on the homeowner’s vehicle. Defendant Whelpley’s daughter wrote the word “Jew” and drew swastikas in maple syrup on the victim’s property. Whelpley allegedly waited in the car for the girls, then drove them back to her residence.”

According to the blog, Whelpley has been charged with “three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor; two counts of vandalism; two counts of trespass; and, two counts of tampering with a vehicle.”

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