Karrueche Tran Dissing Chris Brown On Instagram? Model Throws Shade At Ex With Halloween Costume

Karrueche Tran may be trying to distance herself from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown after she called off their longtime relationship in March, but it looks like Tran is taking a moment to throw shade at ex-boyfriend Brown using her Lil’ Kim-inspired Halloween costume.

Karrueche Tran made headlines on Thursday after she stepped out in an eyebrow-raising, Lil’ Kim-inspired costume for her Halloween party in Hollywood. Karrueche’s head-to-toe blue ensemble featured a blue wig, fur coat, body suit, gloves, and knee-high boots to perfect Lil’ Kim’s look from her “Crush On You” music video, TMZ reports.


While some fans were focused on Karrueche Tran’s butt-baring Halloween costume, one fan took the opportunity to create a meme in honor of Karrueche’s blue ensemble while also throwing some shade at Tran’s ex, Chris Brown.

Karrueche Tran took to Instagram on Friday to share the fan-created meme, which features three photos of Karrueche laughing while showing off her Lil’ Kim costume with the caption, “When You See Ya Ex Who’s A Blood.”


Karrueche’s Instagram followers were quick to point out that the meme, along with Tran’s decision to post it, was a clear dig at Karrueche’s former relationship with Chris Brown, who has made headlines for his alleged involvement with the Bloods in the past.

One user explains, “no supposedly Chris Brown is affiliated with the Bloods who wear red. And the joke is saying she’s wearing blue because of the Crips. Bloods and Crips don’t get along.”

While both Chris Brown and the Bloods have denied that Chris is actually a member of their gang, Brown has made several references to the gang on his social media pages and has often been photographed throwing up the Bloods’ gang signs during nightclub appearances.


Despite Chris Brown’s close association with the gang, it appears things took a turn for the worse earlier this year after several outlets reported that the four men who broke into Chris’ home to steal $50,000 worth of cash were said to be involved with the gang, prompting a member of LAPD’s Gang Unit to be assigned to Brown’s home invasion case, Bossip reports.

Karrueche Tran has spoken out against Chris Brown’s association with gang members in the past, with sources close to Karrueche telling Hollywood Life that Tran is upset by Brown’s decision to continue hanging around with “bad influences.”

“She’s upset with him for a few things. Mainly, him being around the same bad influences he promised her he wouldn’t be around.”

While Karrueche Tran insisted that there was “no shade at all” intended by the meme, Karrueche did call the comparison “hilarious” before adding several skull emojis to the caption of her photo.

Karrueche may have taken the opportunity to subtly diss Chris Brown on Instagram, but Tran still maintains that she is adamant about distancing herself from Chris Brown after learning that he fathered a child with another woman while they were still together.

Karrueche Tran called off her relationship with Chris Brown in March after hearing about Brown’s fatherhood status on the news, telling fans that she wasn’t interested in Brown’s “baby drama.”

Since their split, Tran has spoken out against rumors that suggest she and Chris Brown are on the brink of reconciliation following their breakup.

Most recently, Karrueche Tran revealed in an interview with BBC Newsbeat that Chris Brown has had a negative effect on her career and that people often believe that she’s only famous because of her former relationship with Brown.

“Negative stuff was being said and being brought up. A lot of people were like, ‘she’s only famous because of Chris Brown.'”

Karrueche concludes by explaining that while she has to work to disassociate herself from Chris Brown, she’s taking time to focus on her career while trying to “clear up certain things” about her reputation.

Do you think Karrueche Tran was trying to diss Chris Brown in her Instagram post?

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