‘Made in the USA’ Label Will Disappear If the World Trade Organization Plan Succeeds

“Made in the USA” labels may be disappearing more quickly than most consumers realize. As if buying American made goods was not difficult enough, shoppers may soon not even be able to determine where a prospective purchase is manufactured. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is pushing for an elimination of country-of-origin labels on all consumer products, the World News Daily (WND) reports. The organization wants to replace the current labeling policy of identifying the nation where items are manufactured with a “Made in the World” tag.

Such a tag would alert consumers that the pretty pink sweater which caught their eye while window shopping was not made on Mars; but would inhibit the ability of those who make an effort to support American workers when visiting the local mall. The misguided WTO plan was initiated to “re-engineer global governance and reduce opposition to free trade,” the WND reports.

The concept of global governance will likely not sit well with proud Americans and Republican lawmakers who are working diligently to restore manufacturing jobs around the country. The patriotic red,white and blue “Made in the USA” label allows American shoppers to support homegrown industries both large and small. Shoppers deserve the right to support manufacturers who provide jobs to their fellow Americans, which is easy to determine by glancing at the “Made in the USA” label.

A “Made in the USA” label may not reveal all the important information about a company but does require that all or virtually all components are made in the United States. Even though the labeling system may not inform the consumer of every bit of pertinent information on the little tag, it does still serve as an important guide to shoppers determined to support American industries.

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