Kate Middleton Rumors: Royal Family Feud Reportedly Brewing Between Carole Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II

Kate Middleton is rumored to be in the midst of a royal feud, with reports that her mother is coming into conflict with the queen and the rest of the royal family over control of Kate and her children.

There have been reports stretching back for months pointing to tension between Carole Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II as Duchess Kate’s mom tries to exert more control over Kate’s family. Carole has reportedly been the one pushing Kate away from royal traditions and even moved into Amner Hall to be closer to her daughter and Prince William.

But as Celeb Dirty Laundry reported, the royal family isn’t too pleased with Carole’s attempts to exert her control, which is leading to conflict.

“By convincing William to insist the Middletons be not only accepted, but welcome and present in their lives, the middleclass Middletons were able to orchestrate a royal revolution. Carole and Michael Middleton housed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after Kate gave birth to Prince George, greatly influencing their parenting style from George’s infancy.

“Carole eventually took over, changed royal traditions, and even set Prince George’s naps times to coincide with Prince Charles’ visits.”

Carole Middleton has already been increasing her own public stature, including giving out party planning tips.

While the royal family tension reportedly simmers behind the scenes, Kate Middleton has been increasing her public presence and showing that she’s more than just a pretty face. Duchess Kate has been increasingly involved in children’s welfare charities, including work with the group Chance UK.

The group’s leaders have taken note of how active Duchess Kate has become.

“This isn’t someone smiling and nodding,” Chance UK’s chief executive Gracia McGrath told People magazine. “She is asking intelligent questions and knows what happens when children go off the rails and go off the rails early.”

Duchess Kate appears determined to be active as possible, using her position of power to exert a real difference.

“What more positive attention can you give your children than saying your future queen actually really values you,” McGrath said. “I think the children felt listened to. When you’re valued by somebody it opens your eyes to the fact that actually you’re not just a kid who gets in trouble.”

As the feud reportedly simmers, there could be some other big developments for Kate Middleton in the very near future. Rumors this week indicate that Duchess Kate is pregnant again, and this time expecting twins. If true, then Kate and William would have four kids all under the age of 3.

“To say she was shocked would be an understatement,” a source told OK!. “She’s suffering more from exhaustion than anything else.”

While Kate has run into some big problems in her first two pregnancies, including severe morning sickness so bad that it left her bedridden for long stretches, she is reportedly not as affected this time. The reports claim that she is three months along, which was the height of her difficulties in the first two pregnancies, but Kate has been making regular public appearances this time.

“She hasn’t had much of an appetite, so she’s hardly gained any weight,” the source told OK!. “Kate is very good at putting on a brace face, but everyone just wants to make sure she’s taking care of herself.”

The pregnancy — if it is true — could be having an effect on Kate already. The OK! report claimed that she is worried about the thought of having so many young children.

“She’s still in the fog of having a newborn, and the thought of months and months of more sleepless nights with two babies caused her to panic,” the report said.

But while Kate Middleton may be worried, rumors claim that the rest of the royal family is excited about the prospect of more kids.

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