Ed Sheeran: ‘I’m In A Good Place,’ Credits His Dad For Keeping Him Grounded

Ed Sheeran, the award-winning singer and an all-around Mr. Nice Guy, credits his father with keeping him grounded.

“My dad helps keep my feet on the ground,” Ed explained.

Speaking at the world premiere of Jumpers For Goalposts, 24-year-old Ed Sheeran said his strict parent, John, makes sure he never gets too caught up with fame.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Ed said on the green carpet of his tour documentary, “I have my dad. My dad always tells me when I’m being a d**k.”

Among the celebrity guests supporting Ed Sheeran at the film premiere in London’s Leicester Square were Maisie Williams, Justin Bieber, Nathan Sykes, Olly Murs, and Tom Holland – the new Spider-Man star.

Maisie Williams said she’s a long-time fan of Ed’s.

“I met him a year ago and I’m a mad supporter. So any way I can support him I will, but he’s a megastar now so he doesn’t need me. I love his music. He’s stayed true to himself and never tried to be anything he’s not. He’s very real and honest and a beautiful artist in that sense.”

And the love continued, with Olly Murs adding his own tribute to Ed Sheeran.

“I love Ed. He’s incredibly talented, he’s unique and he’s different. That’s what makes him incredible. He’s someone who has made a massive influence to someone like myself – and he’s humble as well.”

But it was Justin Bieber who created most of the excitement. When Bieber stepped out of his silver car, a hood covering his face, the crowds cheered and screamed. After some photos with fans and autograph signing, Justin met up with the Game of Thrones star and her friend, then jumped back in his car and left.

A relieved Ed Sheeran was just grateful that anyone turned up at all.

“I didn’t think anyone was going to turn up! I’ve never had a film in a cinema. It’s quite a weird thing for a musician to be doing this in Leicester Square — so it’s cool.”

Ed Sheeran’s Wembley Stadium tour was held over three concert dates in July, and Jumpers for Goalposts is the documentary film covering those events. The film has just made its debut and has been showing in UK cinemas over the weekend.

Ed Sheeran has had a fabulously successful year – and it’s still not over. He had Brit and Ivor Novello successes, received an Honorary Doctorate, and had a Care Home suite named after him. Plus, his second album, X, is still raging in the Top 10.

“I don’t need anything else. I’m good. The album has sold more than people thought it would, the film’s doing better than people thought it would, I have all my family and friends with me and I’m in a good place.”

What’s next For Ed Sheeran? Ed Sheeran confirmed he has a role alongside Renee Zellweger in the third Bridget Jones film, Bridget Jones’s Baby, but Ed admits he’s quite in the dark about his role.

“Strangely enough, I was doing a fight sequence in a TV show called The Bastard Executioner. The bloke who was my stunt double told me he’s going to be my stunt double for Bridget Jones. I’ve got no idea what they’ve got me doing but it’s something that needs a stunt double.”

Ed’s star is certainly continuing to rise. And all his achievements are well deserved because Ed Sheeran is definitely the real deal. There’s nothing phoney about this guy, and he truly has a heart of gold. To this day, no one has anything negative to say about Ed Sheeran. It seems he’s just one of the nicest people in the music industry.

In other Ed Sheeran news, the singer-songwriter and general nice guy says he has just realized that he performs best when hungover, according to ABC News. Last summer he made sure to go out drinking the night before his sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium in London. Whatever works, Ed!

“According to ABC News, 24-year-old Ed Sheeran said in a recent interview: ‘I don’t know why the best gigs I’ve ever played have been after real heavy nights. I think it’s just because you walk onstage, you’re not complacent, you’re not onstage being like, ‘Oh, I’ve done this a million times.’ You walk onstage being like, ‘You know, I’m 90 percent the human I should be so I’ll make sure I give 115 percent.'”

Ed Sheeran also laughed about the inspiration for his music documentary.

“I just find whenever I’m on a British Airlines flight I always watch someone’s concert film and it always like, I was never really a fan of Justin Bieber, and then I watched ‘Never Say Never’ and then it made sense, so I was like, ‘Oh, oh. I get it now.’ So I wanted to make a film that I could put on British Airlines flights and have Chinese businessmen like my music.'”

Ed firmly believes that it was his success on Spotify that led to him playing Wembley Stadium. “Thinking Out Loud” set a Spotify record by reaching 500 million streams, second only in streams to Eminem.

Not all musicians are fans of Spotify, and this includes Ed’s pal Taylor Swift. Swift pulled her songs from Spotify last year.

Sheeran said, “The Spotify thing is a weird argument. A lot of people go on about the financial thing with Spotify and I definitely do agree with that for small artists and writers who are looking to get checks and stuff like that, but I think if you’re a big touring artist you shouldn’t really complain about it because I can now tour all around the world doing stadiums from Spotify.”

He added, “I can go to Norway and Iceland and Thailand, just like random places where CD sales are not prevalent, so Spotify, for me, it works, because I am a touring act.”

Ed believes that the Spotify conversation is more for new writers and upcoming acts, saying, “I think that’s where the revenue should go, but I think when you’re a big touring act use it to your advantage.”

[Photo by Anthony Harvey / Getty Images]