American Horror Story Continues Its Ratings Decline: Is It Lady Gaga’s Fault?

Lady Gaga was supposed to be the one to save American Horror Story from its ratings decline. However, it may not be fair to completely judge the show’s failure on Lady Gaga. First, let’s talk about the ratings. Headline Planet has the (mostly) bad news.

“While not as sharp as those endured by the previous two episodes, a decline struck this week’s American Horror Story: Hotel. Wednesday’s episode drew a 1.60 adults 18-49 rating with 3.045 million total viewers. Both numbers trail those of the previous broadcast, which garnered a 1.67 rating and reached 3.202 million viewers.”

Twitter hates American Horror Story: Hotel. And a lot of blame is on Lady Gaga

However, there have also been some on Twitter that love Lady Gaga’s performance in American Horror Story: Hotel.

As Paste Magazine indicated, the problem with this season of American Horror Story could have a lot to do with the writing.

“That’s a problem American Horror Story has as well. By the end of ‘Chutes and Ladders,’ we already see that we have a story that takes place over almost a century, filled with dozens of characters—most of whom will end up being superfluous, likely—and surely more to come, as the series decides it needs more deus ex machinas.”

The article goes on to note that American Horror Story has relied too much on throwing whatever it can at the wall to see what sticks. Judging by most reviews, not a lot is sticking. The New York Times found the latest episode of American Horror Story, “Devil’s Night,” confusing.

“‘Hotel’ can keep playing both sides of the moral argument over the glorification of twisted violence, but dialogue never sounds quite as good when it’s coming out both sides of the proverbial mouth.”

The Post Athens gives American Horror Story: Hotel its worst review yet. Reviewer Hannah Wintucky says that if there was a Yelp rating for the show, it would earn a “-5.” Wintucky says she expected a lot from the show this season, but it just ends up being like a remake of Murder House. It’s important to note that Wintucky was a huge fan of the show until recently. She is definitely not just “a hater” as current fans of the show would call her.

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The ratings for American Horror Story are plummeting, but all the blame can’t be put on Lady Gaga [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

So, even the worst reviews of the show concentrate on the poor writing and poor use of the cast rather than Lady Gaga. The fact that Gaga is earning overall mixed reviews for her performance is actually an achievement since a lot of people expected her to be universally hated in the show.

It’s also important to note that Ryan Murphy hyped this season up like it was some sort of masterpiece and at the center of all the hype was Lady Gaga. Therefore, Lady Gaga is taking a lot of blame since the show is flopping — something unfair, but understandable. Perhaps this role is just the beginning for Lady Gaga and she’ll soon become a major movie star. Then again, she could — once again — be following Madonna’s footsteps and become the recipient of several upcoming Golden Raspberry awards.

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