Kanei Love Accused Of Kicking Dog To Death During Domestic Dispute

A Denver woman is in trouble after allegedly kicking a small dog to death during a fight with her boyfriend. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 25-year-old Kanei Love has been charged with cruelty to animals, and her reaction to the death of the helpless animal has attracted an angry backlash on social media. Also being brought to attention is the fact that her charge may garner a stiffer punishment than her boyfriend’s associated domestic violence charge.

Police in Denver responded to a domestic dispute call, only to find the Colorado woman holding the body of a deceased small-breed dog. When interrogated briefly about the incident, she admitted that she kicked the dog hard during the course of an argument with her boyfriend, 22-year-old Melvin Lewis. Witnesses at the scene told authorities that the 25-year-old woman kicked the little pooch so hard that it went flying approximately four feet in the air. By the time the dog landed on the ground, it had already died. In other words, she kicked this little animal with enough force to immediately kill it.

KWGN News reports that Kanei Love was charged with cruelty to animals after admitting to authorities to what she had done. An arrest affidavit reveals that the woman expressed very little remorse for what she had done to the small, defenseless dog. She reportedly told arresting officers, “I don’t give a sh*t about the dog,” before she was arrested on the animal cruelty charges.

Meanwhile, her 22-year-old boyfriend was cited with an assault charge for allegedly punching the woman in the face with his closed fists. He reportedly struck Love approximately three to four times, and is accused of inflicting other injuries on her person. Kanei Love was arrested and released on bond in the amount of $2,000, but must appear in court on November 2 for an arraignment.

In the state of Colorado, a charge of cruelty to animals could carry a punishment of jail time, but comes with a mandatory imposition of a $500 fine minimum. If a person is convicted of this crime, they must also complete some form of anger management and must pay the costs of the program in which they are ordered to enroll. In other words, this could be a very financially burdensome conviction for Kanei Love. Meanwhile, her boyfriend’s charges do not come with the mandatory fine upon conviction. So, does it seem like she could be punished more severely for kicking and killing the dog than her boyfriend could be for roughing her up in a domestic dispute?

Snowflake was almost killed by her owner but was rescued. Courtesy of Staten Island ASPCA
Snowflake was almost killed by her owner but was rescued. Courtesy of Staten Island ASPCA

Stories of animal cruelty circulate quickly on social media and in news reports because they tug on the heartstrings of people who love animals and advocate for better treatment of them. One story that sparked outrage took place earlier this year when a 24-year-old Canadian woman was charged with animal cruelty after allegedly stealing and torturing a black Labrador retriever named Ryder. The woman could face a fine of $75k, plus two years of imprisonment, after she allegedly stabbed the dog with scissors and beat him with a blunt object. The horrific incident took place on Valentine’s Day. Also this year, a Staten Island woman was found guilty of animal abuse after she was convicted of battering a puppy and tossing it from a moving car. She was convicted of a felony, which could carry a punishment of jail time and a hefty fine. Her reasoning behind the senseless attack was because she allegedly did not want to pay the pooch’s veterinary bills.

Hopefully, the Colorado woman in this latest story of animal cruelty learns a lesson about how animals should be treated.

[Photo: Denver police mugshot]

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