Josh Sanchez-Maldonado: American Trader Vanishes In London

Josh Sanchez-Maldonado seemingly vanished without a trace on October 22 — after attending a “potential job interview” in London, England. According to reports, the financial trader was last seen leaving the St. Giles Hotel in Feltham at approximately 12:35 p.m. Although he was expected to return to the hotel, then catch a flight back home, the 24-year-old man has been missing for one week.

Prior to his disappearance, Josh Sanchez-Maldonado lived in the United States Caribbean territory with his mother, Lucette. While completing his MBA, he worked as a freelance commodities and foreign exchange trader.

As reported by The Guardian, Josh’s family knew he was traveling to London for a “potential job interview.” However, he did not discuss the nature of the job or the name of the company he hoped to interview with. Lucette said the job likely involved financial trading — as her son “really enjoys the London market.”

Jose Sanchez said his son was excited about his first trip abroad — and maintained contact with his parents while traveling. However, the last time he spoke with Josh was on October 21, prior to the mysterious interview.

During the conversation, Josh Sanchez-Maldonado confirmed he arrived safely in London and would return to San Francisco on the October 23. Although he was tired, and a bit homesick, Jose said his son was optimistic about the “potential interview.”

Jose planned to pick his son up at the airport in San Francisco on Friday. Although he attempted to call Josh to confirm the plans, the young man did not answer his phone.

As he was terribly concerned, Jose contacted the airline and the hotel. He was terrified to learn his son did not check out of the hotel and missed his flight home. The hotel manager later confirmed Josh Sanchez-Maldonado’s belongings were still in his room.

In an official statement, the Metropolitan Police said “Officers are growingly increasingly concerned” as the circumstances surrounding Josh’s disappearance are unusual and “He is believed not to have any money or access to it.”

Amid the investigation into Josh Sanchez-Maldonado’s disappearance, the St. Giles hotel provided surveillance footage of the young man leaving the hotel.

Although he reportedly planned to attend a job interview, the young man was wearing black sneakers, white shorts, a dark-colored t-shirt, and a dark-colored hat when he left the hotel.

Josh Sanchez-Maldonado is described as a five-foot, eight-inch tall white male, with a slim build. He has dark hair and brown eyes.

This week, Josh’s parents traveled to the U.K. to assist in the investigation into the young man’s disappearance. Through the police, they issued an official statement about their beloved son.

“He is very goal oriented, very organized, detailed, kind, lovable and a respectful person. He has always kept in close communication to us. He is outspoken and very expressive. The whole family is highly concerned for his well being. We really wish he contacts us as soon as possible.”

Lucette said her son would not have been out drinking at a nightclub, as he is simply too focused on his career and his future. She said he was far more interested in “earning money and making his trades, looking at the foreign exchange and the markets, making sure he was not losing and making his money.”

Although Josh did make enough money to travel abroad, authorities do not believe he had any cash with him when he left the hotel.

As they are terribly concerned for Josh Sanchez-Maldonado’s well-being, authorities and his parents are asking anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact the Hounslow CID at 020 8247 6653.

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