Dynamic Airways: Airplane Bursts Into Flames On Tarmac At Fort Lauderdale Airport, Multiple Injuries [Breaking]

A Dynamic Airways passenger plane burst into flames on the tarmac at Fort Lauderdale Airport. According to witnesses, the plane’s engine caught fire, causing passengers to flee the plane via the emergency slides. Fire crews were on the scene dousing the jet in white foam.

According to the Daily Mail, a Dynamic Airways passenger jet with over 200 passengers has burst into flames on the tarmac at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Witnesses seated on other planes watched as the passengers on the plane exited on emergency slides. The passengers then ran from the scene to safety. Meanwhile, emergency responders descended upon the scene. Fire crews could be seen covering the plane in a white foam while paramedics ran towards the chaos with a stretcher.

Twitter user @chrisdick took numerous photos of the scene from his seat on a different airliner. The emergency slides can be seen deployed from the plane as a fire engine sprays down the airplane from the side.

Shortly after the fiery photos were posted online, the witness updated the account to note that there was no longer steam or fire coming from the plane. It was noted that the plane was being rolled from the tarmac by emergency crews.

Witnesses originally stated that it appeared everyone was able to exit the plane safely and that other flights were on standby until all passengers were accounted for.

However, CNN reports that local authorities have confirmed “multiple” injuries from the incident. A spokesman with the Broward Sheriff’s Office tweeted that there was an engine fire, the plane was evacuated, and there were “several injuries.” However, the extent of the injuries are not known at this time.

The Dynamic Airways plane was leaving Fort Lauderdale, attempting to make its way to Venezuela, when reports claim the pilot noted fuel leaking from the Dynamic International Airways Flight 405. The left engine then caught fire before the plane was evacuated. Though the images of the fiery jet have made their way to social media and the news, Dynamic International Airways has not released an official statement on the incident.

[Image via Twitter / @chrisdick]

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