New Video Of Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade Crash Shows Car Plowing Into Crowd [Graphic Video]

Warning: Some may find the content of this video disturbing.

New video footage shows the moment that 25-year-old Adacia Chambers plowed her vehicle into a crowd at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade, killing four people and injuring nearly 50. Chambers is currently being held on a $1 million bond and is charged with four counts of second-degree murder. The prosecution claims that Chambers purposefully drove her vehicle into the crowd at a high rate of speed and never attempted to stop as she ran over the parade-goers.

OSU Crash Driver Adacia Chambers Mug Shot
Adacia Chambers Mug Shot [Image via Payne County Jail]

The shocking new video was taken on an iPhone by a 17-year-old girl named Connor Greco, who was filming a band at the time of the accident. The witness says it took her some time to process what had happened at the Oklahoma State homecoming parade but that the video made it all too real. The teen says she was videoing a marching band as they made their way around the corner when the car, driven by Adacia Chambers, crashed through the crowd. Her iPhone captured the moment that the crowd realized what was happening and ran for cover.

“Every time I would think about it happening, like it didn’t feel like it really happened. But, then, I’d go back and watch the video and I was like, that’s something that people try to make in the movies. It’s something that doesn’t happen really a lot.”

Oklahoma State parade
The moment that parade-goers realize the car is barreling towards the crowd. [Image via Connor Greco video screenshot]

The video, which can be watched below, features the moment that the vehicle entered the crowded parade corner. However, it does not show the moment of impact with the crowd. Nevertheless, some viewers may find the content in the video disturbing.

This isn’t the only video of the horrifying crash. Another grainy photo has also been released that shows the moment the car impacted the crowd. The photo is of poor quality but clearly shows that Adacia did not apply the brakes at any point during the collision. In fact, the car seems to barrel into the crowd without even slowing.

The prosecution in the case claims that Adacia Chambers “purposefully” drove her vehicle into the crowd and that she has a history of mental illness. However, the woman’s lawyer claims that she was in a “zombie-like” state when the incident happened. Therefore, the judge requested that Chambers undergo a psychological evaluation, and no plea has been entered. Instead, the prosecution and defense attorneys are waiting to hear from the dozens of witnesses to the crash.

Adacia’s lawyer, Tony Coleman, says that it does not appear Chambers understands what is going on or even that she is in jail. When discussing the accident and the lost lives, Adacia allegedly just stared at her lawyer with a “blank” look on her face.

“I mentioned to her again today that people died and I got no response. The look in her face – there’s a very blank, lifeless look in her face.”

It was also noted that Chambers attempted to seek treatments at a mental health facility on two separate occasions. Therefore, the lawyer feels that Adacia’s mental state played a large role in the Oklahoma State parade accident. Meanwhile, Adacia’s father is speaking to the media about his daughter and says he was shocked to learn about the accident. He claims his daughter showed no signs of distress but that she was “good” at hiding her problems from him.

In all, three adults and one toddler were killed in the horrifying accident that also left almost 50 others injured.

[Image via Connor Greco video screenshot]

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