Raven-Symone: Ben Fields Should Not Have Acted Like That, But Assault Victim Should Have Gotten Off Her Phone [Video]

Raven-Symone is once again in the news due to recent comments made in the After the View video below. Raven can be seen taking both sides of the volatile issue that arose after video of Ben Fields flipping an unnamed student over in her chair and dragging her across the classroom floor went viral. As reported by the Inquisitr, a third video showing Fields flipping the student has the best vantage point, but classmate Niya Kenny says Deputy Ben was known as “Officer Slam” to students, with Kenny claiming Fields had slammed pregnant women and female students before the viral video.


On Twitter, Raven’s name is getting lots of tweets over her comments in the video, with some believing that her words were defending Officer Ben. The FBI is now investigating the incident, whereby Raven-Symone notes that the unnamed student was told multiple times to get off her phone. When she refused to give up her phone, Fields was called in to do what he reportedly does best — slam students.

Raven-Symone admitted that there was no good reason for Ben to take the harsh actions he took against the student. She said that Deputy Fields shouldn’t have been acting the way he acted, but Raven-Symone pointed out the fact that the student should have obeyed Deputy Ben and done what he said. Her co-hosts pointed out the fact that Ben was called the “Incredible Hulk” by students, but the school gave him an award. Fields should’ve never hit the kids like that, said the View co-hosts.

Raven-Symone noted that Ben was sued for false arrest, bringing up details about the 2005 incident when Fields allegedly assaulted an Army veteran and his wife during an arrest for loud music. In that case, Fields reportedly told his partner to “get her black a**” when obtaining a phone from a man’s wife so she couldn’t take photos or video of the arrest. Ben allegedly also made quips that he was glad Johnny Cochran was dead when threatened with racial lawsuits.

Nevertheless, Raven-Symone pointed to the rules about not having phones in schools, although some schools are progressive enough to allow high school students to listen to music via their phones during study hall or other times.

“Get off yo’ phone, you’re in school.”

The audience clapped at The View, mainly agreeing with Raven’s admonishment against the girl to obey the rules. It’s the same statement that was made by one of the unnamed girl’s classmates, who said that she was warned to leave the classroom when the school administrator came in prior to Deputy Ben entering the classroom and Internet infamy.

As reported by the Grio, Raven-Symone said that students have to follow the rules, and that launched the women into questions about respect for authority. Parents expecting the school to police their children was a wrong thing, said the women, which could account for some of the defiant behavior. Others point to the fact that the bodybuilding Ben didn’t have to use such drastic measures to take down a young female teenager.

Since joining The View, Symone has definitely experienced her share of controversy, including the time Ann Coulter shut down Raven for claiming she wouldn’t hire someone with a “ghetto-sounding” name.

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