‘Knights Of The Fallen Empire’ Expansion Now Live For All ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Subscribers

Forming important alliances, making crucial choices, and going up against Emperor Valkorion are just the beginning in the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion. Knights of the Fallen Empire is a return to the story-driven content BioWare and The Old Republic are known for with an emphasis on a chapter-based narrative planned to expand over time. The first nine chapters are available to expansion owners right now with more planned to release starting next year.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is a technically free expansion, but the only way to get access to its content is to subscribe to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Subscribers will automatically receive all of the expansions released for Star Wars: The Old Republic including Fallen Empire, and they will also receive a free level 60 character boost as stated on the official website. This boost can only be used on a new character, and level 60 is the jumping off point for the new content in the expansion. Additional level 60 characters can be purchased from the Cartel Market for 3,600 Cartel Coins with a current sale marking them down to 2,000 Cartel Coins each for a limited time. Each boosted level 60 comes with a character slot, so a player’s character limit will simply increase by one for each level 60 purchased.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Receiving a helping hand in Star Wars: The Old Republic [Images via BioWare]In Knights of the Fallen Empire, all player classes are treated as the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. Players will begin their journey through the new story content where they meet Emperor Valkorion and the Eternal Empire. Players will align themselves with new companions, complete nine engrossing chapters, and level to 65 along the way. Players will be able to recruit new companions; even companions from other classes are available with enough effort as reported by the Inquisitr.

The new story is just part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. The update that released alongside the expansion also revamped the leveling experience for characters level one to level 50. Players can level up more quickly in a streamlined manner now with a character needing to only complete class story missions and important planet missions to hit level 50. The improved mission log will indicate which missions are needed to level up and which missions are optional to the leveling experience.

Star Wars: The Old Republic What awaits you in Knights of the Fallen Empire? [Images via BioWare]Moreover, flashpoints vital to the story now have solo modes in Star Wars: The Old Republic and returning to an out-leveled area will scale the player down to the appropriate power according to SWTOR.com. Players can now complete content at their own pace without overpowering the content to a point that it becomes trivial. Not to mention, companions have received a rather large overall with any companion able to switch to any of the three roles available. Even their Affection system has been evolved into the Influence system, a way to earn faction with a companion even if they happen to disagree with the player character.

In the latest developer blog, it is stated that this expansion is “a love letter” to players. The story will continue after Star Wars: The Force Awaken releases with more chapters extending the story in Knights of the Fallen Empire. New chapters, at least seven more, will be added to the story starting in early 2016 according to the FAQ. They are likely to be released one at a time and will be free to subscribers. Anyone who subscribes to Star Wars: The Old Republic to gain access to the Knights of the Fallen Empire story will retain it if their subscription lapses; however, they will need to subscribe again when later chapters release in order to play through the new installments.

Will you be taking on the Eternal Empire in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

[Images via BioWare]