PlayStation Plus To Be “Amplified” With More Free Games

Sony’s PlayStation Plus program, which offers free games, exclusive discounts and perks, is already a pretty sweet deal as-is, but soon the deal will be even more sweet.

At Sony’s E3 2012 press conference, Sony lightly touched on the future of PlayStation Plus, suggesting that some improvements for the subscription service were in order. We didn’t get any specifics on that at the time, but recently Sony finally spilled the beans in an interview with Joystiq.

Jack Buser, Senior Director of PlayStation Digital Platforms, told the site that the “improvements” that were referred to during the press conference is the amplification of the company’s free games offering.

“Everything that you’ve enjoyed from PlayStation Plus remains very much the same. It’s still the same PlayStation Plus,” Buser said. “So if you love the huge discounts, if you love the exclusive access to betas, if you love the other things that are also delivered by the service, you’re going to see that those other things are still a part of PlayStation Plus — the cloud saves, the automatic updates, all that other stuff.”

“What we’ve announced is that we’re amplifying the free games aspect of PlayStation Plus,” Buser added. “We are really ratcheting that up, because that’s what the community told us they wanted to see.”

Are you a PlayStation Plus subscriber? If not, is even more free games enough of an incentive to get you to try it out?