Taylor Swift Meets 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient Taylor Rayburn Backstage, Making Her ‘Wildest Dreams’ Come True

Taylor Swift is known for being there for her fans, and it was no exception over the weekend when Swift took the time to meet 6-year-old Taylor Rayburn backstage at her concert.

Rayburn, who suffers from a rare form of kidney cancer, was seated close to Andrea Swift, Swift’s mother, at the concert in Atlanta on Saturday. When Andrea noticed Taylor, she not only asked her to sit with her, she invited her backstage to meet the “Shake it Off” singer in person, Gossip Cop reports.

Rayburn’s mom, Allison Brinson Rayburn, snapped a photo of Taylor and Taylor and later shared the sweet picture on her Facebook page. Allison also shared a photo of Taylor and Andrea “jamming out in the audience.”

Taylor Swift Meets 6-Year-Old Alabama Girl With Cancer Backstage At Concert (PHOTO) https://t.co/mkbCaZNDKP pic.twitter.com/fPorrEhYFj

“We surprised Taylor this weekend and took her to see her favorite artist and very first concert ever! She wasn’t able to celebrate on her real birthday so we thought we would surprise her and take her… no idea her dream of meeting her would come true!” Allison wrote.

“Taylors sweet mom was in the audience and took us back stage to meet her. So thank you Mrs. Andrea and Taylor Swift for making my child’s year! She needed this!” she continued. “Taylor and her entourage were the sweetest and most humble people. She is just like you see on tv…I think we were all star struck!:) This is a night she will always remember!!She left saying, ‘I can’t tell if this is a dream or for real!’ So amazing!”

In April, Rayburn was diagnosed with a Stage 3 Wilms’ tumor, which caused her to have to undergo surgery to remove the mass and one of her kidneys. Unfortunately, this meant that Rayburn had to spend her sixth birthday in a hospital in Alabama. Because she wasn’t able to properly celebrate her birthday at the time, Allison wanted to do something special for her daughter, and surprised her with Taylor Swift concert tickets, her first concert ever.

Allison told E! News that Taylor should be done with chemotherapy in December. While she still has a more aggressive treatment, the doctors said her prognosis looks good.

Taylor Rayburn wasn’t the only little girl to have her “Wildest Dreams” come true. On Wednesday, October 21, Taylor was preparing to perform for more than 15,000 people at Greensboro Coliseum. However, before she took the stage, she made the time to meet with 10-year-old Olivia Dunn, who was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma Stage 4 bone cancer earlier this spring after being previously diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis more than two years ago, WFMY News 2 reports. Olivia already went through chemotherapy and lost all of her hair. Next up is radiation. Although Olivia is fighting a fierce battle, for one night, her dreams came true.

“It has been really tough and very hard and it’s not easy,” Dunn said before the concert. “I probably won’t be focusing on that tonight because I’m just going to be so happy.”

Not only did Olivia get to meet her idol, Taylor Swift, the Make-a-Wish Foundation is sending Olivia and her family to Disney World for a nine day trip later this week.

Taylor Swift’s mother, Andrea, was also diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]