David Beador’s Wife, Shannon, Claims His Mistress, Nicole McMackin, Is A ‘Narcissist’ And A ‘Stalker’

David Beador and his wife, Shannon, attended a USC football game on Saturday, October 24, and during the game, they crossed paths with David Beador’s mistress, Nicole McMackin, with whom he had an eight-month affair from September 2013 until April 2014.

Throughout The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10, Shannon and David Beador chronicled their marital struggles in the months following David’s affair. On the show, fans watched as the couple attended counseling and attempted to get their relationship back on track after David Beador’s betrayal, and by the end of the season, they appeared to be doing well.

As the season came to a close, Shannon and David Beador appeared on Andy Cohen’s late night show, Watch What Happens Live, where they spoke of their current relationship status, revealing they were very much together and dedicated to their marriage and life at home with their three daughters. David Beador also admitted during the show that he felt he was in love with McMackin (Although McMackin’s name was mentioned on the show, the Daily Mail revealed her identity towards the end of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10, claiming that she, too, was married at the time of her and David Beador’s affair).

Weeks later, as the dust finally began to settle, David Beador’s wife and mistress were involved in a public fight at USC’s stadium. On October 25, Shannon shared a photo of herself and David Beador, along with a few friends, at the game, and in her caption, she made her thoughts on McMackin crystal clear.

“Go Trojans! Cheering with good friends! Sorry @tamrajudge couldn’t make it! Someone with no moral compass decided to show up again. Watch reunion part 2 on Monday night and you will understand who I’m talking about. #narcissist #stalker.”

“Shannon and [David Beador] have had their USC seats for years and Nicole knew that they loved going to the games because she sees that they constantly post photos every single time they are at a USC game,” a source revealed to Radar Online on October 26.

“Nicole only started going to watch the games after her affair started with [David Beador]. She got seats that were in front of theirs and Shannon thinks it seems like it was on purpose, so that [David Beador] would have to see her every single time that they went!”

According to the report, David Beador’s mistress was determined to make a scene with him and his wife and seemed to be going “out of her way to be seen” by the couple by laughing loudly and pointing at them. And as if that weren’t enough, McMackin wasn’t at the game with friends — she was with her husband, Reed.

As the Daily Mail revealed, McMackin has remained married to her husband, Reed, despite her affair with David Beador, and the couple lives just 20 minutes from the Beadors.

While Shannon and David Beador didn’t have an easy 10th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County due to David’s shocking betrayal, they worked through their issues and claimed to be in a better place than they were before he slept with McMackin. On social media, their love for one another is evident, and they continue to enjoy one-on-one time together and family time with their girls.

For more of Shannon and David Beador, tune into The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion, continuing next week on Bravo.

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