‘Supergirl’s’ Melissa Benoist Is ‘Hot,’ Says Jeb Bush — Superman’s Cousin Feels Awkward [Video]

Normally, someone calling Melissa Benoist “hot” might be taken as a normal compliment, but when a much older Jeb Bush makes the Supergirl comment, you might imagine the actress portraying Superman’s cousin may feel a bit awkward.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the Supergirl actress gave a behind the scenes look at the DC Comics heroine in recent interviews and videos.

The Supergirl TV show debuted this week on Monday night CBS. To jumpstart the TV show’s popularity, CBS promoted the hashtag #MySupergirls in order to celebrate strong women all over the world. Melissa Benoist also said she hoped her portrayal of the DC icon would serve as a role model for girls and other women.

“I want to do right by women,” Benoist said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “I want to portray someone they can relate to and look up to that’s not a trite or a shallow depiction. I want her to be complicated and flawed. I guess I just want all women to feel like they could be Kara and Superwoman as well.”

When first seeing Supergirl, Jeb Bush related to something, but it was nothing like Benoist described. During a question and answer session in Las Vegas, the 2016 presidential candidate was asked by an audience member to discuss his favorite superhero. His answer probably left Melissa Benoist hot around the collar.

“I kind of like the old-school guys, like Batman,” Bush said, before moving onto his new favorite DC comic character. “Supergirl is on TV – I saw that when I was working out this morning. There’s an ad promoting Supergirl. She looked pretty hot. I don’t know what channel it’s on, but I’m looking forward to that.”

Bush also joked that these Supergirl comments might “make news,” and he was right. When Benoist was asked to discuss these comments on CBSThis Morning, the 27-year-old apparently felt awkward about the weird situation, but instead of responding negatively, she said that at least Bush was “excited to watch show.”

“I heard about it,” the woman of steel replied as diplomatically as possible. “You know, I don’t know what to think about it.”

Where Is Superman Or Clark Kent In The Supergirl TV Show?

The comments by Jeb Bush may be enough to make a DC comics fan giggle, but what every fan really wants to know is when Superman might make an appearance. After all, since the story is about Superman’s cousin, then you would think that it’s obvious that Clark Kent will show up eventually.

Supergirl executive producer Sarah Shetcher answered that question for Movie Pilot. She believes the Supergirl TV show should be only about the Kara Danvers character, not Superman. She says they do not even plan a cameo appearance, although Superman will have an effect on the Supergirl show in at least one way.

“I think the reason why Superman’s not on the show is because it’s not about him. And it’s her show and it’s about her and he is just sort of a shadow in the back of her psyche, and I think that’s the right way to portray him because that’s the way she experiences him,” the Supergirl producer explained.

You would hope that the producers will listen to the fans and eventually allow Superman to have a cameo appearance. Perhaps they want to keep Superman limited to the movies right now, but when the Flash and the Green Arrow show up in each other’s TV show, there has always been an extra element of excitement.

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What do think about Jeb Bush’s comment about Melissa Benoist?

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