‘Supergirl’ Star Melissa Benoist Shares A Treasure Trove Of Sneak Peeks [Videos]

Supergirl is going to debut its pilot episode on Monday, but Melissa Benoist is already as popular as the title character she portrays, drawing attention from fans of all ages, including presidential hopeful Jeb Bush. Meanwhile, CBS has released a number of Supergirl promos to both feed the anticipation of fans and keep them interested in the not-to-be-missed pilot episode.


Melissa Benoist Is “Having So Much Fun” As Supergirl


Life isn’t as hectic for Ms. Benoist as most of us would assume with so much attention being drawn toward Supergirl and toward Melissa, herself. Actually, Supergirl‘s Ms. Benoist told IGN that she’s been so busy on set, completing upcoming episodes, that she has escaped much of the fanfare surrounding Supergirl.

Melissa said that being the star of Supergirl has been a learning experience for her, mostly due to her position as star of the series, which requires Ms. Benoist to be in nearly every scene. She confesses to being caught off guard with how much responsibility comes with the Supergirl role and, speaking of how much endurance and stamina the role requires, Benoist jokes that she would much rather be laying back on her sofa, watching movies.


“But other than that, I’m having the time of my life. I’m having so much fun,” Ms. Benoist says of her Supergirl role. “The stunts are so cool. I watch the playback on the monitors every once in awhile and my jaw drops. I can’t wait for people to see this.”

Melissa reveals that Supergirl is going to be much more intense than the 1984 film and adds that the series will be even more compelling than fans are already expecting with each Supergirl episode getting bigger and wilder. Benoist credits Supergirl’s writing team with creating thrilling new complex stories that keep her so interested that Melissa often loses herself in the scripts.

Supergirl Won’t Draw Too Heavily On The Comic Book Source Material


As Comicbook reveals of the Supergirl back story, Melissa Benoist’s character wasn’t delivered to earth as an infant, but had lived on her home world of Krypton for many years. Ms. Benoist says that aspect of Supergirl’s life is really a sad saga, because she comes to Earth as an immigrant, an outsider looking in on a strange new culture.


This aspect of Melissa’s character creates a need to be something more, to be admired and revered by the world in much the same way that she sees her cousin, now known as Superman, become a great symbol of hope. Benoist says these feelings will affect the way in which Supergirl deals with humankind and with the other aliens she may come across throughout the Supergirl series.


Speaking of the comic book source material, Melissa revealed there has been a great deal of research and reading related to her Supergirl role and that writers from DC Comics have been on set as consultants throughout the shooting schedule. One thing that has been discovered is that different versions of Supergirl having been written by different writers throughout the history of comic books have created a contradictory saga, leaving Ms. Benoist feeling that it may be better to stray away from the source material as much as possible.


“Obviously, I want to know the world she’s in but there are so many iterations,” Supergirl‘s Melissa Benoist said. “I really want this to be the 2015 version of her and to be my take on that and to bring a lot of myself.”


The Supergirl star added that she still believes the Supergirl comic books are still important as source material, but that they should be weighed against the importance of continuity.


Supergirl will debut on Monday, October 26, on CBS.

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