Gwen Stefani Croons Over Lost Love And Settles Divorce — How Much Did Gavin Get?

It’s the end for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

The power duo have finalized their divorce, and while Gwen hasn’t spoken publicly about the split, she’s singing her heart out instead. As news came that the two have finally reached a settlement, Stefani debuted a new single that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Though, Stefani has sung about her heartbreak before. Who could forget “Don’t Speak”?

The new single is “Used to Love You,” and Stefani released a music video for the tune last week; it’s off her first solo album in nine years, The Huffington Post reported. On Monday, Gwen sang it for the first time on live TV on The Ellen Degeneres Show and the performance was described as “spare, vulnerable, and raw.”

It’s no wonder — Stefani’s marriage of13 years has ended and the lyrics make her feelings about it clear.

“I don’t know why I cry / But I think it’s cause I remembered for the first time / Since I hated you / That I used to love you.”


Some sparse details about Gwen’s divorce from Rossdale have leaked out, including the custody arrangements and the amount of money he managed to get in the settlement. According to CBS News, Stefani and her former beau will share custody of their three kids Kingston, 9, Zuma, 6, and Apollo, 19 months 50/50. However, Gavin will be the primary caregiver since Stefani, 46, has a busy touring schedule.

Because Stefani didn’t sign a prenup, splitting their joint fortune had reportedly been contentious and ugly, with her ex reportedly sharpening his knives for a fight to get a huge chunk of Gwen’s hard-earned fortune. That’s because Gwen is significantly richer than him: she’s worth $120 million, while he’s worth a comparatively paltry $20 million.

How much money did Gwen Stefani fork over in divorce?
Gwen Stefani and her ex in happier times -- 2000. Photo By Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Though CBS News reported that Rossdale settled for much less than he wanted, Radar Online is telling a different story. According to CBS, he agreed to take “much less than his half” of their joint property to expedite the settlement.

However, an insider told Radar that Gwen forked over more than half her fortune, contrary, the gossip site said, to earlier reports that indicated a smaller deal. This insider said Gwen “agreed to give Gavin half of her net worth. In addition, Gavin was able to keep his own fortune. That wasn’t even on the table as part of the settlement. So Gavin is now wealthier than Gwen, despite the fact that she is much more successful than he is in the professional world!”

He won’t get any child or spousal support from Stefani.

Stefani agreed to this supposed deal so she could “move on with her life,” the insider hinted. Her ex has already moved on and out of their Beverly Hills mansion to a Bel Air bachelor pad. But don’t feel too bad for Stefani; another source told Hollywood Life that divorcing the Bush frontman has been a “therapeutic” process and he has been “very adult.”

“Gwen is very, very happy that the divorce is going as civil as possible. It was heartbreaking and is still heartbreaking going through this whole process, but the fact that Gavin has been very adult in settling everything between the two and really been a man about it has been very therapeutic for Gwen’s healing. She looks at this easy divorce with little drama being the best possible scenario to finally move on with her life.”


And moving on with your life for a now-single, beautiful, and wealthy woman like Gwen means rumors about who will help that process (wink, wink) are bound to begin. Right now, those rumors have centered on Stefani and fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton, who’s also enduring a divorce.

Gwen and Blake aren’t shy about flirting with each other on the set, but an insider denied any romantic connection, telling Life “They are friends who happen to be going through divorce. They are doing fine, but they aren’t doing each other.”

And apparently there is one topic the two don’t discuss: divorce. Shelton reportedly wants to avoid the drama and enjoy himself during filming. Instead, he and Stefani talk about everything but break ups, including music.

Though music is exactly where Gwen is channeling her own emotions. Though with bald lyrics like that, there’s no need to explain further.

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