Teen To Walk From Texas To The White House Carrying A 12 Foot Cross On His Back

A 19 year-old man has pledged to walk from his hometown in Texas all the way to the White House in hopes to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, according to CBS-DFW.

Junior Garcia says the idea came to him while attending his youth group in Saginaw, Texas last year. After realizing that his walk with God wasn’t what it should be, Garcia started “really searching to see what God had for me, His call on my life.”

“I just felt that separation from Him and felt like it was just time to get rid of worldly desires and focus on Him,” Garcia added.

Junior decided that this was his way of showing God’s love for anyone willing to listen.

“This is my way of showing them Jesus Christ wants a personal relationship with every single one of them,” Garcia said.

Traveling with his parents and his church family, Garcia will have to walk a total of 1,369 miles to make it all the way to the steps of the White House where he hopes to arrive by July 13th.

Garcia is also walking to raise money for the “Speed The Light” campaign. For those unaware, “Speed The Light” is an Assemblies of God program that helps raise funds for missionaries to purchase a vehicle in the country that they are currently serving, allowing them to spread the gospel the best they can.

Garcia, already with 2 blisters and only 20 miles in says he will most certainly doubt his ability to fulfill the his task, but in the end knows that his faith will carry him through.

“That’s where my faith comes into play. Just trusting in Him, knowing He’ll be by me every step and that He’ll strengthen every step,” Garcia said.

You can find out more information about Junior Garcia and his journey by visiting his church’s website here.

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