Mom And Dad Send Sext Messages Too, Study Finds

Teens are often in the news for their failed and controversial sexting attempts but it turns out mom and dad are also starting to pick up on the practice. A recent study found that it’s not just teens but also parents who are engaging in a bit of sexting fun.

A recent Harris Interactive survey questioned 2,097 adults about their sexting habits and one in five moms and dads with children younger than 18-years-old admitted to using their smartphones to sext.

In fact parents are only slightly less likely to sext than overall adults. According to the study 26% of adults admitted to taking or receiving explicit photos.

In comparison 40% of younger adults aged 18 to 34 say they sext. On the opposite side of the spectrum 10% of adults 55-years and older say they have received or sent explicit images over the phone.

We have known for some time that plenty of-age adults sext, just take a look at former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner and actress Scarlett Johansson.

Study’s have focused on youth sexting, for example an MTV survey found that 15% of youth between 14 and 24 have sent nude videos or photos while 21% say they have received those images.

In a former study it was believed that only 1% of adults engaged in sexting.

In the meantime the company Lookout, which offers mobile security suggests that parents turn off push notifications for text messages and set passcode to avoid embarrassing situations with their children, family, co-workers and friends. The company also suggests a remote wipe feature to protect your phone should it become stolen or end up lost.

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