‘The Bachelor’ Star Ben Higgins Appears ‘Nervous’ On Dates, Rumored To Have Dumped Becca Tilley To Date Twins

As filming for the upcoming season of The Bachelor continues, the spoilers that have been released so far don’t bode well for Ben Higgins. Apparently, not only is Higgins having difficulties on the dates, but the reality star is also having second thoughts about Becca Tilley.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Higgins has already gone on dates with the 25 contestants as he begins to slim down the field of potential mates. Although many expected Tilley to make it far into the series, Higgins has his eyes on twins from Las Vegas, Nevada, named Emily and Haley Ferguson.

Bachelor star Ben Higgins is also rumored to have hooked up with Tenley Molzahn. [Image via ABC]
Bachelor star Ben Higgins is also rumored to have hooked up with Tenley Molzahn. [Image via ABC]

The twins are not strangers to the world of reality TV. Along with their appearance in the upcoming season of The Bachelor, the two were last seen on Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. While Higgins is reportedly now dating the two girls, it isn’t clear if they are truly seeking love or are just on the show for fame. However, the fact that they are twins does offer an interesting element of drama to the new season and is likely one reason why producers included them on the show.

Meanwhile, according to Movie News Guide, Higgins may have already eliminated Tilley from the competition. This would make sense given the fact that Higgins did not want any former contestants on this season and that he asked Tilley “not to come on the show.” However, Tilley ignored his requests and now seems to be paying the price.

Of course, it could be possible that Tilley has not been eliminated. After all, everything at this point of the game is mere speculation. Until further information is released, it is anyone’s guess at what is happening between Tilley and Higgins. That being said, the rumors that Higgins is dating the twins could be an indication that Tilley is on the way out.

At the same time, KPopStarz is reporting that Ben Higgins has been a little nervous on his dates. Does this mean that Higgins may not be as comfortable as the lead man as many had thought he would be?

Apparently, an inside source told the outlet that Higgins was “nervous and awkward” at a group outing with contestants in Las Vegas. According to the insider, his nervousness stems from the idea that he does not like all the attention he is receiving from the ladies and the fact that he is having difficulties determining which contestants are there to actually find love or who just want to be on The Bachelor.

“There’s an all-out catfight for Ben’s attention,” the source stated, adding that Higgins is “having a really hard time knowing who’s there for the right reasons and who’s there for fame. These girls are gorgeous and they know it, and there’s no stopping them from trying to get screen time.”

Speaking of the ladies and their desire for fame, the competitiveness for Higgins affections has actually led to a real fight. In fact, the source went on to state that the women have “actually gotten into an altercation over him!”

Ben Higgins was a frontrunner on the most recent season of The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe. [Image via ABC]

Elsewhere, some of the identities of the other contestants have been leaked. In addition to Tilley and the Ferguson twins, there are three Laurens who will be making an appearance in the new season. This includes Lauren Himle, an elementary teacher from Novi, Michigan, Lauren Barr from Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Lauren Bushnell, a Business Management graduate who is from Portland, Oregon.

Although the fates of these contestants are still up in the air, Reality Steve has noted that Barr did not make it very far.

“I can tell you that she’s already been eliminated,” a source told the outlet.

The latest season of The Bachelor, starring Ben Higgins, is set to premiere on January 4, 2016.

[Image via ABC]