Joey And Rory’s Cancer Battle Takes Devastating Turn: Feek Family Shares Heartbreaking Details [Updated]

Updated: In the two months since Joey and Rory went public with their decision to end Joey Feek’s cancer treatments, fans have rallied to support the family and have been hanging on every word Rory posts. Joey made it to Christmas and New Year’s, and she has spent a lot of quality time with her closest friends and family members, especially her daughter Indiana.

Rory has shared that after Christmas, Joey’s next goal would be to make it to Indiana’s second birthday in February. Fans are hoping she makes it, though Rory’s latest blog post indicates that Joey may have to say her final goodbyes before then.

Joey’s husband says that his wife’s pain is steadily increasing, and her morphine dosing has rapidly risen to manage the pain. Rory says that Joey has told him she had talked a lot with God in recent days, and she has said that if He is ready to take her, she is ready to go home.

While nobody knows just how much time Joey has left with her family, it sounds likely that her health is deteriorating rapidly, sadly. Fans are still hoping for a miracle, but it sounds as if both Joey and Rory are making peace with where things are headed and focusing on spending their final days together.

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The latest update regarding Joey and Rory’s cancer battle is a heartbreaking one for country fans. After a difficult and brutal battle with cervical cancer, Joey Feek is ending her treatments. The news was shared on the duo’s blog, and fans are coming together to lend Joey and Rory their support.

As Rory writes on his blog, This Life I Live, a new CT scan done just before a new round of treatment was slated to begin recently revealed news regarding Joey and Rory’s cancer fight that nobody wanted to hear. Two tumors had grown back in the same spot that had been targeted with previous chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

In addition, numerous other small tumors were now showing up on the CT scan throughout Joey’s abdominal region. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, the doctors indicated that despite the plan of attack against the cancer, it was spreading aggressively.

Rory shares that while Joey could have done some additional chemo treatments, the doctors indicated that it would only give them a bit more time together. As many families ultimately decide in a situation like this, the Joey+Rory singers decided to end the treatments and focus on the time they have left together, working to make it the best quality time they possibly could.

The country singer notes that they are heading home together, with their 1-year-old baby girl, Indiana, “Not to die. But to live.”

As CMT details, the Joey+Rory singer had a hysterectomy in 2014 after receiving the cervical cancer diagnosis. This year has been filled with additional treatments in hopes that the cancer could be fully conquered. Instead, however, the cancer has grown and spread.

While doctors have given an estimated timeline for where things are headed, Joey and Rory’s cancer battle will continue without a calendar hovering and reminding them of the limited time they have left. Rory indicates that they tossed the calendar in the trash can when they got home after making this devastating decision to forgo any further treatments.

Rory shares that the plan is as follows.

“To put our hands in each others and sit out on the back porch and watch the sun set as our sweet little baby girl plays on a blanket in front of us. To bask in the glory of the beautiful life He’s blessed us with, and try not to question why we can’t have more of it together. And why He is allowing this to happen.”

While the couple is relying on their deep faith through this heartbreak, Rory shares that it’s certainly more complicated than embracing that there is a bigger plan at play in this situation. He notes that they are continuing to pray for a miracle, and they have asked their supporters for prayers, as well. Clearly, Joey+Rory fans are anxious to step up in that regard.

The couple has shared quite a bit with fans throughout this battle, both on social media and the blog. As Rory shared on the blog back in June, Joey’s cancer was recently said to be stage 4 cervical cancer, with tumors found in her colon, as well. Despite surgery and numerous treatments, the cancer continued to spread aggressively, though the family never gave up. Even in the most difficult times through Joey and Rory’s cancer battle, they focused on baby Indy, faith, and love.

Though fans do not know just how much time Joey Feek has left, they are hopeful that there are many days of love, peace, and comfort ahead for her, her daughter, Indy, and her husband together. Joey+Rory fans are devastated to hear this latest development and will certainly be praying for a miracle as requested. For now, everybody will have to stay tuned for further updates on Joey and Rory’s cancer battle throughout these difficult days ahead.

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