Britney Spears and Other Judges Walk Off X-Factor Set

Britney Spears wasn’t the only one who couldn’t take the audition this time. It is being reported that all four judges walked off of X-Factor walked out of a performance in Kansas City. The auditions were being held at the Sprint Center when a crazy contestant came on and refused to face the judges during his ridiculously bad audition.

The contestant took to the stage and with his back to the judges and proceeded to positively butcher his audition song. The judges asked him to stop and he just kept going.

One Audience member told People magazine,

“It was really awkward. You could tell the judges were done.”

Half way through the song Spears, Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and Louis Walsh (Walsh was standing in for Simon Cowell who was ill) picked up and left the audition hall as opposed to listen any further to a guy who refused to look sat them.

The Audience member said,

“I don’t think they had a choice. They didn’t want to waste their time. He was one of the worst singers and had a bad attitude … [The judges] all hated it and walked off.”

The male contestant didn’t miss a beat and kept singing long after the judges had left the building.

With only one last contestant to go all the judges came back to the set to listen to the last contestant. Well almost, even though the crowd was chanting “Where’s Britney?”, Spears never returned to the set.

The second taping in Kansas City later that day saw the return of Britney Spears.

Spears had walked off the set of X-Factor before bringing up claims that she was acting like a typical Diva.