Joe Giudice Called ‘Monster Dad’: ‘I Never Had To Do Anything Like This With The Kids’

Joe Giudice is truly trying to take care of his family while Teresa Giudice is serving her time behind bars. Joe knows that she is serving time for fraud, an act he did while he was running his businesses in New Jersey. He asked her to sign a few documents, which implemented her in the fraud scheme. Teresa has admitted that she didn’t know what she was doing, and she was sentenced regardless. These days, Joe is doing his best to hold the family together.

In fact, Joe Giudice decided to film The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In — a three-part special that gives an update to the family. And on last night’s finale, Joe lost his patience with his children. He yelled at the girls, and reports quickly ran wild with the headline, “Monster Dad.”

According to a new Radar Online report, Joe Giudice admits that he may be in over his head with these girls. On last night’s finale, Joe was cracking under the pressure. During the episode, the unsupervised Milania tosses a bucket of mulch and rocks into a pond on the family’s New Jersey property. Joe comes over to help out, but drops his cell phone in the pond.

“Oh my God, my f***ing phone! God damn it, now I’m f***ing pissed!” Joe screams in front of the girls, adding, “If I get bit by a snake, I’m going to kick your a**!”

Joe’s oldest daughter, Gia, tries to help him find his phone, but Giudice is so angry that he kicks mud on Milania, who started the entire thing. Clearly, Joe is a bit out of his comfort zone here. As he admits, he’s never had to watch over the girls alone. Teresa has always been a huge support system for him.

“I never had to do anything like this with the kids, It’s very exhausting,” Giudice reveals to the cameras in a single interview, adding, “After a full day of hanging out with my kids, I think anybody would drink a bottle of wine at night!”

Melissa Gorga also played a role on last night’s finale episode, as she stepped in when things got out of control. At one point during the episode, Joe asks Milania to go get the chainsaw for him. She gladly goes over to pick it up and bring it to her father. But Melissa is shocked at the carelessness of Joe, and rushes over to grab the chainsaw from Milania. Clearly, Melissa is shocked at how Joe is protecting these girls.

But last night’s episode also focused on Joe Gorga visiting his sister in jail. He had tried to get visiting time for a while, and he finally got a pass to go visit her behind bars. And as Joe reveals, it was quite the emotional visit for him. Cameras are not allowed inside the jail, but he captured his experience in a few words.

“I sat there for the first hour tearing, crying,” he reveals, adding, “She grabbed my hand and said it’s okay, I’m okay.”

“When I saw Teresa and she broke down and helped me, that’s how she used to be. For the past seven or eight years, she kinda got lost. I believe prison just brought her back. This visit gave me a lot of hope,” he reveals, according to People, adding, “I can’t really say I miss much about my sister right now. I miss the old Teresa, so I hope when she comes out, all this money and bulls*** goes away and she realizes that, listen, ‘I don’t care about all, that’s nonsense. I care about family and that’s it.’ “

What do you think of Joe Giudice being called a “monster dad” because of how he is caring for the girls? Were you shocked after you watched last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In?

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