‘Outlander’ Stars Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe Had ‘Instantaneous’ Chemistry, Plus Has Brianna Finally Been Cast?

One factor that has contributed to Outlander’s huge amount of success is the chemistry between its two lead characters, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe). While Heughan and Balfe’s chemistry in front of the camera is without question one of the best on television, Balfe recently revealed that their relationship off the set is just as great.

In fact, according to the Daily Record, Balfe stated that she and Heughan had “instantaneous” chemistry when they first met.

“It was quite instantaneous. When I first met Sam at our chemistry test, he was just the nicest guy,” Balfe stated in the interview. “He just put me at ease, and I was a little nervous. He’s just that kind of solid, grounded guy.”

With their relationship behind the scenes well grounded, the two have been able to bring that sense of unity and chemistry to their respective roles on-screen. This has translated to quite the romance during the first season and has helped contribute to Outlander’s growing success.

Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) on their wedding day. [Image via Starz]
Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) on their wedding day. [Image via Starz]

In regards to Heughan’s character, Balfe admitted that Jamie’s ability to change is something that appeals greatly to Claire.

“Even though he’s a man of that time, there’s something timeless about him and there is something quite modern about his willingness to kind of change his viewpoint and learn, or be open to new ideas,” she stated.

Meanwhile, production is currently underway for a second season of Outlander that will see Claire and Jamie departing from Scotland and heading to Paris, France. With the season set in a brand new location, there are a number of new faces that will be introduced as Jamie and Claire mix in with the local society.

Speaking of new characters, one that many fans are eager to see on screen is Brianna, Claire’s daughter from the future. Although it hasn’t been officially revealed who will be playing the well-loved and popular character, there are new reports that suggest producers have found someone to play the part.

According to the Franchise Herald, Maeve Foley is set to play Brianna in the second season of Outlander. In fact, the Irish actress has apparently already been embraced by other cast members of the show, which has only added to the rumors that she has been cast as Brianna.

The speculation that Foley will be playing Brianna began after it was learned that she had been hired as part of the production team. Although it wasn’t confirmed just what that part entailed, many speculated that, given her looks, she would be the perfect fit to play Brianna.

According to her Twitter account, Foley is not only a model and an actress, but she also enjoys dancing. Despite all of the speculation regarding Foley and her possible role as Brianna, an official statement has yet to be announced.

Outlander star Sam Heughan recently expressed interest in being the next James Bond. [Photo By Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images]
‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan recently expressed interest in being the next James Bond. [Photo By Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Whether or not Foley ends up playing Brianna, the character is certainly one that many fans have high expectations of in the new season. In the book series, Brianna, who is characterized as a lanky, redheaded young woman with striking blue eyes, plays an important role in Claire’s life as she develops throughout the series.

At the same time, in the TV adaptation, Brianna is expected to look similar to how she is described in the books. She will also be raised by Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) in America and becomes an intelligent, captivating, and strong-willed woman. While her character is certain to play an important part of Season 2, additional details concerning her storyline are not yet known.

The second season ofOutlander starring Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe is expected to premiere in early spring 2016.

[Image via Starz]