Debra Kincy: Elderly Woman Texted This Neighbor ‘Leave Me Alone,’ Now She’s Dead

In Broward County, Florida, Debra Kincy told reporters that she and Charlotte Nicholas were friends. However, text messages revealed otherwise. Now, Nicolas is dead, and Kincy is in jail.

According to information from Sun-Sentinel, things weren’t as Debra mentioned during her interviews. Charlotte Nicholas was a 64-year-old elderly woman who was the neighbor of 63-year-old Kincy. Per Debra’s interview, she told the source that she and the woman hung out occasionally.

“We watched TV in the morning, we’d have coffee, we’d have beers and smoke cigarettes. She was a nice person.”

However, supposedly when she went to check on the elderly woman, things weren’t in their usual perspectives. She told the source that the lady always had the door unlocked, but since the TV was turned to a loud volume and the woman was unresponsive, she was concerned.

After repeatedly knocking on the door and getting no answer, Kincy told the Sun-Sentinel that she turned the door knob and walked into a horror scene.

She recalls walking into the kitchen and seeing blood everywhere and Charlotte laying on the floor. After calling out to the woman to no avail, Debra claimed to have called emergency services. Nicholas was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the source, she was shaken up by the situation, but it may not have been for the right reasons. In a later report by the Sun-Sentinel, the police noted that she mentioned an attribute that only the murderer would have known. The news medium noted as follows.

“Investigators noted, though, that in a story the newspaper posted online at 2:05 the day after the murder, Kincy said she thought her friend had been stabbed. That detail was privy only to the killer, police said. ‘No information relating to how the victim was killed was ever released to the public, including Debra Kincy’, the affidavit said.”

According to NBC 6-South Florida, various weapons were used to inflict Nicholas’ stab wounds to her torso, neck, and head. She had been reportedly stabbed over 70 times. As it appears, Kincy was withholding other valuable information as well. Police found that, within their text messages, Charlotte had actually requested that Debra “leave her alone.” The source notes that she told Kincy, specifically, not to come over.

In another message, she texted, “Stop. What do you want? Leave me alone.”

Detectives state that Debra had actually been harassing her neighbor. And it’s believed that the incident happened due to an altercation over Nicholas’ jewelry. Days after the murder, Kincy was seen on security cam at a local pawn shop. She had the victim’s jewelry and was selling it to the dealer.

Moreover, she was still wearing the clothes which were blood-soaked from Charlotte. This is also what helped link her to the incident as the suspect. The Sun-Sentinel reports as follows.

“‘A review of the crime scene photographs revealed that this same shaped stain can be seen on Kincy’s shirt in the same location’, the police report said.”

Also, it seems that the murder victim was engaged. When the security footage was obtained, her fiance got a chance to confirm the jewelry possession. He told authorities that the evidence was jewelry that he had given to Nicholas.

Nevertheless, the suspect was taken into custody. Debra Kincy is being held on various charges, which include murder with depraved indifference, false ownership, and dealing in stolen property. No bond was set in her case.

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[Image via Broward Sheriff’s Office]

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