Arby’s Urinal Burned Man’s Wang Severely, Lawsuit Alleges

An Arby’s urinal is at the center of a new lawsuit, after an Aurora, Colorado man says he was injured by an errant stream of pee in one of the restaurant’s bathrooms.

The Arby’s urinal lawsuit brought by Kenneth Dejoie is the second time in two months the fast food chain has been in the news for less than flattering reasons- last month, the roast beef chain made headlines after a Michigan teen found a finger (complete with knuckle) in his roast beef sandwich.

At the time, Arby’s confirmed that the day the teen ate at the restaurant, an employee lost part of a finger in a slicer. All pieces of equipment were reportedly “sanitized,” but the restaurant remained open for the day and continued on serving food, enabling the patron to be served a literal knuckle sandwich. Ew.

But the finger-burger Arby’s incident occurred in several states away from Colorado, where Dejoie is said to experienced the leg-crossingly horrible urinal incident.

According to papers filed May 25th in El Paso County District Court, Dejoie reports “utilizing the urinal in the men’s restroom when it caused a jet of steam to shoot forth from the urinal and burn his genitals.”

arby's urinal

While one supposes it could be argued that perhaps Dejoie was peeing too hard or close, local news reports damning comments made by Arby’s employees after the patron burned his dangle to all get out:

“Dejoie claims he reported the incident to an employee who, according to the lawsuit claimed ‘we have that bathroom problem again,’ and ‘this happens when the sink in the kitchen is running.'”

A lawyer for Dejoie, who is suing for damages and inability to perform sexually due to the accident, says his client would like to settle out of court with Arby’s.