How Adele’s ‘Hello’ Inspired Reunion With Estranged Father, Flip Phone Use?

There’s no doubt that Adele’s music is powerful, and it shows with her latest single “Hello.” Not only did the song help her reconnect with her father, but it also helped spark interest in the flip phone.

When Adele’s new video for “Hello” dropped on Friday, October 23, social media was buzzing. Some couldn’t stop commenting on the sepia-toned video that featured Adele’s on-screen love interest Tristan Wilds. While the video features a romance that has gone south, the new single is actually about the British singer’s relationship with her estranged father.

According to British tabloids, Adele and her estranged dad Marc Evans have “patched things up.” The “Hello” singer startled her fans when she created an Instagram account to announce her new single and upcoming album, 25, which she calls a “make-up record.” Adele’s new song also shows that she had made amends with her own father.

Marc spoke to The Sun on Sunday, October 25 to comment on the status of his relationship with his famous daughter.

“Adele and I are fine, it was just a misunderstanding. We’ve patched things up, everything’s fine, but I don’t want to further comment. We’re fine.”

Adele and her father weren’t always fine. Adele’s father left her mother when she was just a young girl. Then in 2011, he made comments about the singer’s relationship problems, most of which she sang about on 21.

In her 2012 interview with Vogue, she claimed that if she ever met her dad, there would be a price to pay.

“He will never hear from me again. Because there is nothing that would upset me more than my dad being bribed by the press. It makes me angry!”

Adele also revealed that he said that her problems with men could be related to their strained relationship.

“To come back after 10 years and be like, ‘Maybe her problem with me comes down to me.’ It’s like, ‘How dare you comment on my life?’ It makes my blood boil.”

Adele is now a mom to her son Angelo. Her grandmother Rose, helped the soulful singer repair her relationship with her father. Once she learned that he was suffering from bowel cancer, she wanted him to meet her son, according to an alleged inside source.

“It was very difficult for them but it’s lovely that they have been able to come through all those years of hurt. Marc is thrilled and doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their relationship this time.”

Not only has Adele’s “Hello” video and single reignited a relationship with her father, but it’s also reignited interest in the classic flip phone. When the video was released on Friday, plenty of fans took to social media to ask why the singer was using a flip phone. Director Xavier Dolan told The Los Angeles Times his reason to have a flip phone featured in the video.

“But the real explanation is that I never like filming modern phones or cars. They’re so implanted in our lives that when you see them in movies you’re reminded you’re in reality. If you see an iPhone or a Toyota in a movie, they’re anti-narrative, they take you out of the story. If I put an iPhone or a modern car in a movie it feels like I’m making a commercial.”

The “Hello” video not only features a flip phone, but it also includes an old-school British telephone booth. But it was the flip phone that stole the attention away from the phone booth. It made some users wish they still owned one so they could snap it shut during a heated argument with a loved one. It’s not like you can snap your smartphone shut. And if you throw it across the room, you could risk breaking it.

Flip phones were inexpensive and handy for snapping shut when in a huff. Plus, they could withstand a ton of abuse. It’s no wonder that flip phones are still popular in Japan, although they’re more technologically advanced than the Nokia or Razr flip phones.

Adele’s “Hello” has already been breaking records. It already racked up over 25 millions views just a day since its release on Friday, and it’s still gaining views as of this moment. What are your thoughts on Adele’s new song and video? Share them below in the comments section.

(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)