Oklahoma State University Parade Crash Victims: 2-Year-Old And Business Student Among The Deceased

A car driven by 25-year-old Adacia Chambers plowed into the crowd at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. The accident left four people dead and 46 others injured as emergency responders descended upon the horrifying scene. The local authorities have released a full list of those killed and injured in the accident, noting that a 2-year-old little boy was among the dead.

OSU Parade Victim
Photo of the two-year-old Oklahoma State University parade crash, Lucas Nash. (Image via Facebook)

The Daily Mail reports that 2-year-old Nash Lucas died from injuries sustained during the horrific crash that left people scattered in the streets. The little boy was rushed to the hospital with fatal injuries and was later pronounced dead. Meanwhile, three others were pronounced dead on the scene, which included a retired OSU professor and his wife, along with a 25-year-old business student from India.

In total, 46 other people were injured in the crash with 11 of those victims under the age of 13. Witnesses at the scene say that people were flying through the air “like toy army men” when the vehicle slammed into the crowd. A startling video of the accident shows the vehicle as it enters the crowd without braking. The vehicle was moving at a high rate of speed and at no point does it appear that Adacia attempted to brake to stop from hitting the people watching the parade.

Nikita Prabhakar
The 25-year-old business student from India, Nikita Prabhakar, was killed in the OSU homecoming parade crash. (Image via Facebook)

Witnesses at the scene claim that parade-goers subdued Adacia Chambers after the car plowed into the crowd. She has since been held on charges of driving under the influence but the prosecutor says once toxicology reports come back there will likely be additionally charges filed against the woman responsible for the parade deaths.

Oklahoma’s News on 6 reported the full list of deceased and injured released by the local authorities. The report notes that five people are still listed in critical condition following the crash, none of which are juveniles. However, thee juveniles, ages six and seven, are still in the hospital in “fair” condition.

Marvin Stone
Marvin Stone was a retired OSU professor who was killed in the parade crash along with his wife, Bonnie. (Image via Oklahoma State University)

One of the juveniles still hospitalized is 7-year-old Madison Atwell from Skiatook, Oklahoma. The young girl was with her aunt and grandmother as she planned to see her first-ever Oklahoma State cowboys game. Sadly, the little girl would never make it to the game. Instead, she would have her first helicopter ride as she was transported via life flight to the hospital in Oklahoma City.

“My sweet little OSU fan went to Stillwater this weekend to spend some time with her Kay Kay and Gigi and to experience homecoming cowboy style! She was supposed to get to go to her first OSU football game yesterday. Instead she took her first helicopter ride as she was life flighted from the homecoming parade in Stillwater to OKC.”

The little girl reportedly suffered from five broken ribs, a bruised lung, and a head wound that required stitches. Her aunt, who she was attending the parade with during the accident, is also in the hospital requiring surgery on her knee. Meanwhile, the little girl’s grandmother was released from the hospital after suffering one broken rib.

Adacia Chambers’ father has spoken out since the tragedy and says that he “cannot believe” his daughter was responsible for an accident of this nature. He says she is not a drinker and this is not who she is.

“I can’t imagine alcohol being involved. She is not an alcoholic. This is just not who she is. They’re going to paint her into a horrible person but this is not (her).”

Despite the father’s pleas, police say they have probable cause that Adacia was intoxicated at the time of the accident. They have ordered a full toxicology report to back them up. However, co-workers of Adacia claim that she was not intoxicated when they saw her 30 minutes prior to the crash at work. They claim she was upset and crying, but not intoxicated. The conflicting reports of Adacia’s sobriety will be put to rest once the toxicology report is released and full charges are filed.

[Image via Stillwater Police Department Mugshot]

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