Kris Humphries Calls FBI On Ex-Girlfriend, Claims Extortion

Perhaps Kris Humphries needs to rethink his entire ability to date women because he always manages to pick the crazy ones.

The NBA stars lawyers called the FBI on ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj last week after she allegedly attempted to extort money from Kris. According to reports the ex-girlfriend was demanding large sums of cash to avoid releasing information that could cause undue hardship to Kris’ life.

According to TMZ that information includes emails, texts and other documents that talks about Kris and Myla’s relationship.

The call to FBI agents was apparently made on Friday after Kris Humphries’ lawyers tried to have Myla Sinanaj sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding private communications between the former couple.

Allegedly Myla specifically told Kris that if he failed to turn over a large sum of money she would “ruin” him.

At first Kris’ lawyers believed they could settle the case amicably but after both sides failed to reach an agreement Kris told his lawyers to contact the FBI regarding the attempted extortion. If found guilty Myla could be forced to destroy the documents and then spend time behind jail with a felony on her record.

At this time it is not clear if the extortion attempt was made in person, over the phone or online. It is likely the extortion attempt was made using some form of electronic communication since that would give the FBI jurisdiction to investigate the case.

Myla’s people are not currently commenting on the active investigation and Kris’ lawyers are awaiting the outcome of the FBI investigation.

In case you have absolutely no idea who Myla is: