Evil Serial Killer Ian Brady Near Death At 77

Notorious British serial killer Ian Brady may not live to see 2016. The Daily Mail reports that the male half of the Moors Murders duo is sending holiday cards to loved ones as early as October, which seem to indicate that he may not be alive by Christmas. Meanwhile, at least one victim’s body remains to be unaccounted for as this decades-old mystery may never come with total closure.

The 77-year-old serial killer has sent a series of holiday cards from prison, four months ahead of Christmas. In at least one card he included a long rambling letter that indicate he may not have much longer to live. In fact, he admitted in one of the letters that he has been bedridden for several months. When he does move, he must use a walker to hold himself upright. He has also supposedly developed a chest infection which is reportedly “worsening,” as time progresses. He has reportedly been bedridden since falling and breaking his hip. A recipient of one of the holiday cards offered a statement on his condition.

“Brady is 77. He’s been ill for a long time and isn’t getting any better. He constantly talks about his death. Judging by this, he looks to be on his last legs.”

Brady also admitted in a letter that he has penned a will, which is in the hands of his attorneys. However, details surrounding what he is leaving behind — if anything — are not known in the media at this time.

Ian Brady, along with his girlfriend Myra Hindley, committed a series of horrific murders of children back between 1963 and 1965. The macabre duo recorded themselves raping, torturing, and murdering as many as five children — some of whom were under the age of 12. They disposed of their victims along a desolate stretch of land known in Britain as The Moors, which led to them being dubbed The Moors Murderers. Of all the victims claimed by Brady and Hindley, one body remains yet to be found after all this time. Brady has never given any indication to where the body of 12-year-old Keith Bennett may be located. Myra took the secret to her grave, and it looks like Ian is following suit. To the torment of Bennett’s loved ones, the child’s remains may never be found — and the death of Ian Brady will only further cement that unfathomable reality.

Ian Brady has never shown an ounce of remorse for his five victims, or their still-mourning loved ones. The Daily Mail reported in 2013 that he held visible “contempt” for his victims during a rare appearance before a mental health tribunal.

Myra Hindley, on the other hand, had reportedly expressed regret for their actions before her death in 2002. The Daily Mail revealed this year that the convicted murderess was haunted every day about the violent deaths of their five victims. Documents from the prison system parole board recorded that she wished she could “undo things,” and that she “hated herself” for her participation in the murders of five innocent children.

Do you believe reports that Ian Brady could be dying? If he’s really on his last months of life, the loved ones of Keith Bennett may lose hope in finding him entirely. This will be the close of another chapter in Brady’s and Hindley’s saga of torment and evil.

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