British Prime Minister David Cameron Forgets 8-Year-Old Daughter In A Pub

Oops. In a moment of confusion British Prime minister David Cameron accidentally forgot his 8-year-old daughter Nancy in a pub.

Cameron was eating lunch at the Plough Inn in Cadsden, Bucks with his wife Samantha and their children Nancy, Arthur and Florence when they hopped in their vehicle and drove away without their daughter.

Nancy had gotten up from the table to use the bathroom and Mr. Cameron believed she had gotten in the car with her mom, while Samantha believed the little girl was with her father. In a moment of confusion the couple drove away only to realize when they arrived at home that Nancy was not in the vehicle.

An employee at Plough Inn tells the The Sun:

“The PM and wife Samantha were distraught when they realized Nancy wasn’t with them.”

The couple had phoned the pub to explain the situation and were soon rushing back to pick up their daughter.

When David Cameron drove the two miles back to the pub he found his 8-year-old daughter happily helping the wait staff at the eatery.

As one staff member joked, they didn’t know what to do because:

“It’s not like you can look up David Cameron in the phone book and then ring to say, ‘You’ve left your daughter behind’.

According to friends of Cameron he likes to enjoy three or four glasses of win with lunch, we aren’t sure if those glasses were enjoyed on this particular day but if they were perhaps its time to cut back a little bit.

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