‘Clash Of Clans’ Huge Update Brings Town Hall 11, New Hero, And New Defense

Clash of Clans is getting a huge update in time for the holidays. It has been confirmed in the recently concluded ClashCon that the upcoming Clash of Clans update will bring an upgrade to the current Town Hall, a new defense, and a third hero.

Clash of Clans co-founder Jonas Collaros
Clash of Clans co-founder Jonas Collaros

At the ClashCon this week, the much-awaited news about the upcoming Clash of Clans update has been announced. Clash of Clans co-founder Jonas Collaros went up the ClashCon stage and connected his developer iPad to the screen, only to reveal the new updates coming to the game. One of the biggest reveals about the Clash of Clans update is the upgrade to the Town Hall that will enable players to upgrade to level 11.

A lot of Clash of Clans players have already been expecting Town Hall 11, and the announcement at the ClashCon drew both cheers and jeers from the audience — cheers because has been a much-awaited upgrade, and jeers because, well, it’s just ugly.

Since a lot of players are already maxed out to Town Hall 10, this Town Hall 11 upgrade is a much-welcomed update to Clash of Clans, since players can now continue upgrading their bases. While the news brought cheers from players, a lot of players are also concerned that Town Hall 11 might come at a very steep price, which will make it difficult for Clash of Clans players to upgrade.

Well Clash of Clans is making sure that the upgrade will be worth it and is introducing a new defense that will be available with Town Hall 11. The new “Falcon” defense looks like a bird — hence the name — and it’s 4×4 tiles in size. It is also the first defense for Clash of Clans that can guard your entire village. Touch Arcade reports on the new “Falcon” defense that will come with the Clash of Clans upgrade:

“The Defense looks like an eagle and it’s 4×4 tiles big. This Defense deals area splash damage, attacks both ground and air troops, and gets activated after a certain amount of troops have entered battle. It looks so powerful that some clashers feel they’ll need new, more powerful units to stand up to it.”

In addition to the upcoming Town Hall upgrade and the “Falcon” defense, Clash of Clans also hinted at a third hero. Not much information has been released about the third hero and we are only given a glimpse of the character, but some believe that the new Clash of Clans hero will be a warlock or wizard from the book, the staff, and the hat.

A Halloween update for Clash of Clans just released last Thursday and it brought about a couple of Halloween-inspired tweaks. The bigger Clash of Clans update that will bring Town Hall 11, “Falcon” defense, and the third hero, will be a bit further down the road and no release date has been announced, but Android Guys expects the update to come between Halloween and Christmas. The update will also bring a lot more than the three teased features such as new buildings and new troops to balance out the new “Falcon” defense.

ClashCon was the first gaming convention held by Clash of Clans developer SuperCell, and it was held at Helsinki, Finland, on October 24 from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

ClashCon at Helsinki
ClashCon at Helsinki

The Clash of Clans convention held different events such as an epic clan war tournament, attack strategy workshop, a 5-on-5 clan war, a goblin horde single player challenge, and panel discussions on the art of war and land-vs-air attack strategies. As several clans faced off during the war tournament, at the end of the ClashCon, GLORY CHINA 1 emerged victorious.

Missed the ClashCon? Watch the full stream below:

[Images via Clash of Clans’ ClashCon stream]