John McCain Pummels President Obama As He Denies Intelligence Leaks [VIDEO]

Senator John McCain is slamming President Barack Obama for his claims that the series of national intelligence leaks did not come from within the White House administration.

When asked whether the President knew directly that the leaks were coming from within, McCain responded to CNN, saying:

“I have no idea whether the president knew or did not know. I have never alleged such a thing. But I have alleged that if you look at the information that’s been leaked, again, that information in the book says that several officials said that they had to remain anonymous who gave this information because they would lose their jobs. Well, why would they possibly lose their jobs if they weren’t leaking information that has to do with national security? So, I mean, it’s obvious on its face that this information came from individuals who are in the administration. The president may not have done it himself, but the president is certainly responsible as commander-in-chief.”

President Obama denied that the leaks came from the White House and called the claims “offensive” in regards to whether they were purposefully leaked to make him look strong on national security.

Demanding an investigation, Republicans are seeking an independent counsel to review the case and determine the facts.

“If it is — and it certainly is — the most egregious breach of intelligence in anybody’s memory, that certainly requires a special counsel who is completely independent,” McCain said.

California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein insists that if an investigation is prompted then it must be after the initial probe findings before they discuss an independent counsel to investigate.

“The investigation has to be nonpartisan, it’s got to be vigorous and it’s got to move ahead rapidly,” says Feinstein.

Below you can find President Obama and Senator John McCain’s remarks to CNN regarding the leaked information.

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