‘Price Is Right’ Model Causes Minor Damage To Set — An Embarrassed Amber Lancaster In High Heels Takes A Tumble [Video]

Model Amber Lancaster caused minor damage to the set of Price Is Right when she tumbled in her high heels.

The Price Is Right model Amber Lancaster tripped on the set while applauding the win of a contestant. Though she didn’t fall down, the tumble resulted in damaging the set of the reality show, which involves contestants correctly guessing the price of the merchandise showcased on the show. While the damage to the set was minimal and was immediately repaired, it would be a little difficult to mend the bruise to Amber’s pride. Incidentally, while the light bulb the model smashed cost next to nothing, another model on Price Is Right recently committed an expensive gaffe when she accidentally gave away a car costing more than $20,000 to a contestant who was yet to correctly guess its price.

The set of Price Is Right is constantly and brightly illuminated by hundreds of bulbs that blink in quick succession. However, the set got a little less bright after Amber Lancaster, a model on the set, accidentally broke a light bulb after tripping in her high heels during the broadcast, reported USA Today. The 35-year-old model accidentally backed into the set and brushed against a light bulb, which immediately came crashing to the floor. The incident was quite minor, but the euphoria typically observed on the sets of Price Is Right immediately caused the focus to shift to Amber, which should have been on the contestant.

Apparently, the contestant had just won two All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) by correctly guessing the price of the pair. The ATVs were part of the “Double Prices” game. The excitement in the air was quite high, as Double Prices is usually one of the last three games that are played on the premiere show. It is the simplest of the guessing games, as it involves just two choices, one of which is right. Since the prize for correctly guessing the price usually comes in twos, the game is called Double Prices.


The models on the set of Price Is Right encourage the contestants, and that’s what Amber was doing. The game was over, as the contestant had rightly guessed the correct price and was ecstatic. Meanwhile, Drew Carey, who has been hosting the show for quite some time now, was about to cut to a commercial when the model stumbled on the set and busted the bulb, reported the Examiner. The contestant abruptly stopped rejoicing, petrified it was she who had accidentally damaged the set. However, it was apparent who the culprit was. Sheepishly admitting her gaffe, a thoroughly embarrassed Amber said as follows.

“I’m fine. I’m just gonna die of embarrassment real quick.”

While Amber may have only cost the Price is Right production team a few cents to have the broken bulb replaced, another model made a very costly blunder earlier this year when she accidentally awarded a car to a contestant who hadn’t correctly guessed the price of the vehicle. It was model Manuela Arbelaez who mistakenly let a contestant win a new car during a similar price guessing game.

The video shows Arbelaez giving a contestant, named Andrea, a winning hint as she tries to guess the correct price of a Hyundai Sonata SE. After the contestant’s first incorrect guess of $19,849, Arbelaez accidentally pulled the cover on the $21,960, which was supposed to be the winning pick. The model had actually pulled the cover off the correct price, before the contestant had given her second guess, allowing her to win the car. Realizing a costly mistake had been made by the mode, Price is Right host Drew Carey said, “Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car! Way to go! The game is over, folks.”

Interestingly, neither of the two models were made to compensate for their mistakes, but both admitted they were extremely embarrassed.

[Photo by YouTube Screen Grab]