Lamar Odom Updates, OD News: 2 Drug-Friendly Hookers Were Pushed On Odom, Other Love Ranch Prostitutes Quit In Protest Over Lamar’s Treatment

The news and updates about Lamar Odom’s health and Lamar’s stay at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada — about 70 miles north of Las Vegas — are revealing sad and controversial details about Odom’s stay. According to TMZ, the brothel owner set Lamar up for failure by pushing two prostitutes on Odom that were allegedly known for their ability to tolerate drug use.

Therefore, while fans are offering to donate or sell their own kidneys to Lamar, as reported by the Inquisitr, and Odom’s health and speech are reportedly improving, Lamar has been having issues that might negatively affect his motor skills and speech in the long run, barring any other miraculous improvements in his condition. New details about what Lamar may have endured at the Love Ranch brothel are upsetting Lamar’s fans. TMZ says that as soon as Odom arrived at the Love Ranch, Lamar got to choose from a line of prostitutes — but managers at the brothel encouraged Odom to select at least two women who were known for their ability to put up with drug use.

The latest reports on Odom show that Lamar suffered at least one dozen strokes as a result of the drugs and other substances Odom imbibed during his stay at the now-infamous Love Ranch. New reports state that the women who weren’t chosen by Lamar in the lineup made their voices heard loudly to the Love Ranch management — stating that the brothel big wigs should have known better than to encourage a man like Lamar, whose struggles with drugs have been well-documented, into hooking up with women who may have also had substance abuse issues.

Tristen Lace is one of the prostitutes who reportedly quit the Love Ranch after the decision was made by brothel owners to push the reportedly drug-friendly hookers onto Lamar. Tristen thinks that Odom would not have overdosed on drugs or have suffered the fate of going to the hospital and suffering strokes and the like if the Love Ranch managers hadn’t pushed other prostitutes on Lamar — ones that didn’t have reputations for partying and potential drug use.

The two prostitutes at the center of the Odom controversy were initially missing, and then later suspended by the brothel, because they admitted to hearing Lamar making “snorting” sounds in his room. As such, management at the Love Ranch claims the two women lied about potential drug use, something that the managers say should’ve been reported right away.

Meanwhile, according to People, the Kardashian Family is hoping and praying that Lamar’s overdose will teach him a valuable lesson about how dangerous drugs are, and that they could’ve stolen Odom’s very life from him. They hope that this rock-bottom incident will help Lamar become the man he was intended to be: drug-free and fabulous.

The brothel owner, Dennis Hof, has been criticized for his publicity-seeking ways, reports the Atlantic. Hof is even threatening to sue Khloe Kardashian if Odom’s brothel bill isn’t settled. It’s a poor-taste move that isn’t gaining Dennis many fans as Lamar fights to recover.

“[Hof’s] nicknames include ‘the P.T. Barnum of Booty,’ [and he] has given interviews to a wide variety of news outlets and eagerly hopped into a public feud with the Kardashians. He owns seven brothels in the state, wrote a dishy book about his experiences in the industry, and starred in the HBO reality series Cathouse.”

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