Odom Kidney Donation $100,000 Offers: Lamar Odom Fans Try To Sell Their Own Kidneys As Sick LamarOdomsKidney Twitter Account Emerges

The latest health updates about Lamar Odom are focused on his kidneys, as well as opinion articles blaming the Kardashian family for Odom’s downfall, reports the Los Angeles Times. However, fans of Lamar are turning to social media to show how far they’d go to see “Lam Lam” or “Lammie,” as Khloe has affectionately called her husband, survive. Some of those fans have offered to donate kidneys to Lamar, reports Page Six. Overjoyed that he’s made it this far, some of Odom’s fans are willing to give up their own kidneys in order to see Lamar continue to thrive and put their healthy kidneys in place of Odom’s failing kidneys. These kidney donation offers are causing quite a bit of buzz online.

As reported by TMZ, some of the kidney donation offers to Lamar are being offered with no strings attached, while other kidney offers aren’t donations at all — but offers to sell their kidneys to Odom. A search for “Odom my kidney” on Twitter turns up various tweets about what fans would do in order to let Lamar have their kidneys. Some noted that Odom would have to promise to remain drug-free if they were to offer up their own kidney to him.

“I don’t just say stuff. If Lamar needs a kidney I’m willing to donate.”

“Lamar Odom needs a kidney. I will sell him one of mine for $25k.”

Certain folks on Twitter set the price of their kidneys at $100,000.


The fact that some of Lamar’s fans would donate their own kidneys to Odom but not to “regular” or “non-famous” folks isn’t sitting well with certain people on Twitter, who have turned to the social media platform to express their unhappiness with the reports of kidney donation offers.

As Odom’s mental and physical state is being discussed after Lamar reportedly underwent two emergency surgeries, others are turning the Odom situation into a chance to sneak in humor. Chris Rock joked about Lamar saving his marriage with cocaine and prostitutes, reported Gossip Cop. It was a quip expected from a comedian like Rock — one who has been pretty forthcoming about his own marital troubles — but a joke that got Chris a bit of backlash. With Lamar representing the first guy in history to have coke and hookers save his marriage, joked Rock, Odom is in a unique situation to move forward in his marriage to Khloe.

Amid all the well-wishes and kidney donations, there are also those who’ve taken the time to set up a Twitter account called Lamar Odom kidney, which lists all sorts of crazy and vile tweets from the perspective of Odom’s organ.

Amazingly, the Love Ranch brothel owner is threatening to sue Khloe for the $75,000 that Dennis Hof claims Lamar still owes, reports Yahoo News. Hof says that Lamar is the one who set the $75,000 price for the prostitutes and that Dennis has Odom on tape signing for the bill. Dennis says since Lamar and Khloe are still married and that he knows Khloe has the money, he’ll go after her if Lamar doesn’t pay him.

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