‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: How Much Will Penny’s Arrival Impact Things?

Grey’s Anatomy shook things up in a major way with its 250th episode this week, and the shaking will not stop when the series returns with a new episode the week after next. Fans will need to wait to find out until November for Penny’s arrival at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, but a preview for the episode already teased that Meredith will not be kind to the hospital’s newest resident.

Meredith was not all that kind when Penny showed up on her doorstep either. She tried to play nice and keep calm in front of her friends. However, that all ended when she learned that Penny was transferring to Grey Sloan Memorial. It was then that Meredith informed everyone at the dinner table that Penny was the doctor that worked at the hospital where Derek died.

Yes, the death of Derek Shepherd is not forgotten by any of his friends at the hospital. Amelia went nuclear when she found out that the woman she was sitting next to “killed her brother.” She has not handled Derek’s death well at all. She had just started to come to terms with it, but now here is the doctor that was not trained well enough to keep her brother alive.

Penny will receive that training now apparently. Meredith shocked everyone watching the episode when she told Penny to be on time for her first day at the hospital.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Debbie Allen, who is now an executive producer on the series, about the impact Penny will have on things at the hospital. It will definitely not be easy for Meredith or Amelia, but it will be difficult for everyone that worked with Derek.

Callie was extremely close to him, and she worked with him side by side on a project that is a major part of career as a doctor. She has a lot to take in with this Penny situation.

Right now, it is not known how long Penny will be at Grey Sloan Memorial. Allen revealed that she is still around for Episode 9, but beyond that she is not sure. She teased more about the situation.

“There’s already been a wrecking ball, and it remains to be seen how this is going to work out, because everybody loved Derek. Everybody knows how devastated Meredith has been after leaving for a whole year. Everybody embraced her, and now they’re going to look at [Penny] a little differently. Some people will be sympathetic, some people just can’t stand to look at her. It’s going to be tough.”

Penny may find allies of a sort in time, but that might not happen right away. Her arrival will have an impact on many different relationships. Callie and Meredith are closer this season, and Callie hinted that she might stay with Penny before leaving the party.

Amelia and Meredith have also become closer, but Meredith told Owen to get Amelia out of the room. Amelia may lean on Owen during this difficult time, but another Entertainment Weekly report teased that Owen, who is played by Kevin McKidd, will have his own issues to deal with soon.

The “family” of friends that have built this strong bond will need to figure out how to cope with this woman that took a big part of the family away from them.

This drama will likely bring in more viewers. The episode did rise in the ratings this week, but it is hard to tell if that is due to the milestone the series celebrated or the Penny drama teased for the episode.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Penny shake things up on Grey’s Anatomy? The series will return to ABC on November 5.

[Image via ABC]