Lamar Odom News: Surprising Info About Brothel Stay — New Details Of Four Days At Love Ranch

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The picture of Lamar Odom that has emerged to the public from his four-day stay at Love Ranch, a legal brothel in the Nevada desert about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas, has been an eye-catching and scandalous one. The image mainly centers around the former Los Angeles Lakers star’s drug use and alleged sex binge with two prostitutes who spent much of Odom’s time at the brothel in his company.

But a new investigation by ESPN says that the portrait of a debauched Lamar Odom engaging in a non-stop sex orgy is far from the truth. In fact, the 35-year-old husband of reality TV queen Khloe Kardashian mainly wanted to talk, pouring his heart out to the two prostitutes about such topics as his mother and his chronic insomnia.

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The sports network quotes the prostitutes, who go by the names Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, saying that rather than out-of-control sexual escapades, Odom lay on his bed with them watching movies on cable TV, including Mad Max: Fury Road and Interstellar.

“He was a very sweet man,” said Ryder.”We talked about all the screwed-up things that had happened in his life.”

Those “screwed-up things” include the death of his mother when he was 12, the death of his grandmother 11 years later — and the death of his own son at age six months, reportedly due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Nevada is the only state where prostitution is a legal industry, with 19 brothels scattered throughout the state.

A release last week of a police affidavit requesting a search warrant to take a sample of Odom’s blood revealed a series of disturbing details about the star’s activities and condition, including the possibility that he overdosed on cocaine.

A detective making the search warrant request wrote that Odom was found unconscious with a bloody nose and “a white substance” oozing from his mouth, which the detective said he recognized as cocaine overdose symptoms.

Odom’s reported drug overdose was so severe that not only was he in a coma for four days, but he has reportedly required at least two emergency surgeries for unidentified issues in his chest — but whether the operations involved Odom’s heart or his lungs, or something else, was not revealed, according to a report by the celebrity gossip site TMZ.

But in contrast to his apparent indulgence in dangerous drugs at the Love Ranch, brothel employees say that Odom’s stay there was routine and largely uneventful — at least until the end.

“When people hear about three- or four-day benders, they imagine running up and down hallways naked and swinging from chandeliers and stuff,” said Richard Hunter, one of the Love Ranch managers. “There was nothing erratic or wild about his behavior. He was very polite, just sort of reserved and shy or whatever.”

According to Ryder, a widow and mother-of-two who says her husband became a murder victim about 18 months ago, she and Odom did engage in sexual acts but Odom required her to sign a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting her from discussing the nature of those acts.

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One leaked photo from inside the suite where Odom spent his four-day stay showed a bottle of lubricant and a large, black sex toy on a bedside nightstand there.

Ryder said she was not present when Odom apparently viewed a rerun episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that seemed to upset him greatly and sent him into a deep depression.

On Tuesday, October 14, Lamar Odom was found unconscious and in a clearly distressed state. Police say they are currently investigating how he obtained the illegal drugs that he used at Love Ranch, and have not ruled out legal action against the brothel or Odom himself.

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