Nothing Funny About It, Derrick Rose Believes He Can Return To MVP Form

Derrick Rose believes he can become the NBA’s Most Valuable Player once again, or at least regain his old form.

Please do not laugh. This is not a joke.

Derrick Rose, the oft-injured point guard of the Chicago Bulls, told Chicago Tribune reporter K.C. Johnson that he is confident that he will regain the game which made him the Association’s MVP in 2011.

Before anyone chuckles at the notion of Rose’s declaration, it is entirely possible that he returns to his former self. It will take a couple of tweaks in how he plays. Nothing is impossible though.


Derrick Rose must first step on the basketball court and stay healthy. Doing so will ensure that fans and the media will pay attention to what he does. This is so important. Seldom does a player who languishes in obscurity receive enough recognition for league awards. Lately, Rose has made the news for all of the wrong reasons. All but one of those reasons were due to an injury. A healthy Derrick Rose is important. And it is not just for the sake of contention, but also for his personal mindset.

Leading up to Derrick Rose’s preseason debut on Friday, there were a few people hesitant about what they will see. They were hoping to see what he brought to the table in the MVP season.

The speed was there. The passing was there. The shooting form was there. All that Rose needs to do is work his way back on the court. If he can do that, he will be among the catalysts for a winning season, his basketball skills will no longer be an afterthought, and the recognition for awards will come. It is tied to the amount of games that he plays.

Playing winning basketball in the Chicago market can help Derrick Rose return to being an NBA all-star. He must be an all-star before even considering a run for the MVP award.

Such a distinction would go a long way for Rose as he seeks to reestablish himself as one of the league’s best players. It would even be better if he is voted in the NBA All-Star Game by the fans.

Fans want to see players who amaze with their talents. Being a fan selection would signal that he is back in some sense. It would also mean that the Bulls are among the best teams in the league. That helps a ton.

How Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler coexist on the court will weigh heavily in whether or not Rose can return to form. Reports suggest that they do not get along. Rose went on to dress down the rumors that there is a rift among them.

“That’s so far from the truth. We don’t even talk about it. It’s people just nitpicking our team, trying to start something. I look at Jimmy like a little brother. I wish him nothing but the best. I encourage him every time he’s in the game and want him to have that confidence like he has.”

Truthfully, Derrick Rose needs Jimmy Butler to duplicate his season from last year. As the point guard, if any of his teammates excel, so would he. Rose will be in charge of getting the basketball to his backcourt partner. Some of the points that Butler gets will come from Derrick Rose passes. They must feed off of each other and competitively push each other to step up their level of play. If this happens the Bulls will win a lot of games.

Needless to say, for Derrick Rose to return to his MVP form, the Chicago Bulls must win. Everything, the recognition, the all-star consideration, and the awards will all come if he helps the Bulls win games.

Below, a couple of Fox Sports NBA analysts discuss the possibilities of Derrick Rose regaining his old form.

In the latest GM poll released by, the Cleveland Cavaliers were listed as the favorites to win the NBA title. The Cavs will be without guard Kyrie Irving until the start of 2016 at the earliest. Behind a healthy Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, the Bulls could build up a lead for the top seed in the Eastern Conference. If this happens, voters will look at Rose for MVP consideration.

While many people may scoff at the idea that Derrick Rose believes he will return to MVP form, it is not impossible. A few things must happen for his thoughts to become true. If they do come to fruition Rose will have the last laugh. After all of the injuries he has dealt with since he last won the NBA’s top award in 2011, Derrick Rose deserves the validation.

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Sport]