Adacia Chambers Allegedly Drives At ’45 MPH’ Through Crowd At Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade

According to reports from Heavy, the Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade ended in tragedy today after a car barreled through the crowd. The parade coincided with the pre-game ceremonies for the Oklahoma State/Kansas football game, that Oklahoma eventually won 58-10, according ESPN. The driver of the car has been identified as 25-year-old Adacia Chambers, who was sent home from work earlier in the day for appearing to be “on drugs,” and then drove her car through a crowd of people on the way home.

At least four people were killed in Chambers’ rampage. The victim total currently stands at 37, according to News On 6. The fourth victim passed away this evening at OU Medical Center.

Chambers is said to have worked at a local fast food restaurant. She apparently worked “at least until midnight” on Friday and then “went out for homecoming festivities” until some undetermined time. Adacia Chambers was then reported to have appeared for work at 9 a.m. this morning, only to be sent home because her supervisors felt that she showed signs of being “on drugs.”

Chamber is said to be a native of Oologah, Oklahoma, but that she had been living in Stillwater with her boyfriend, according to News OK.

Sometime between 10 and 11 a.m., Chambers took the lives of at least four people, injured many more, and ripped apart the lives of countless. Before plowing through a crowd gathered to watch a parade with her car, Chambers hit a police motorcycle. The police officer was not on the motorcycle at the time.

A police officer at the scend of Adacia Chambers' DUI.
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Some had apparently questioned if Chambers’ car was part of the parade, but this has apparently been ruled out. Police are still investigating whether or not Chambers’ actions were intentional. Witnesses described that scene looked as if a “bomb” had gone off.

Megan Lantz, an Oklahoma resident who attended the parade said that there were about “100 people” in the group that was hit, and that Chambers’ car was traveling “between 45 and 50 MPH.” Lantz described the aftermath with onlookers who were able quickly rushing to the aid of victims.

Adacia’s father, Frank Chambers, is reported to have learned of the shocking news through the internet. Chambers said of his daughter, “This is just not who she is.”

The “Sea of Orange” parade is said to be an annual Oklahoma State homecoming tradition. The parade contains entries by more than 120 organizations connected with the university.

Chambers is currently being held at the Payne County Jail. She has been charged with DUI. Police are still investigating the events that transpired before Adacia Chambers drove her car through a crowd of parade attendees. Helicopters were reportedly used to evacuate victims and several police agencies are involved in the investigation.

Chambers’ reckless driving is reported to have taken place at Hall of Fame Avenue and Main Street in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

“They’re going to paint her into a horrible person but this is not [her],” Frank Chambers was quoted. Chambers also stated that he doesn’t believe that his daughter could have done something like this intentionally. “She’s not that person.”

Adacia Chambers graduated from Oologah High School in 2008. While she was a Stillwater resident, Adacia Chambers was not a student of Oklahoma State University.

Of the living Oklahoma State victims, 15 are critically or seriously injured and others are said to be “walking wounded,” reports BNO News.

One of the victims is said to be the parent of a member of the Oologah High School marching band who took part in the parade. Apparently, some members of the band had gathered after taking part in the parade and witnessed the tragedy.

Stillwater Police are asking the public for smart phone footage of the incident to contact them.

Adacia Chambers kills four at Oklahoma State homecoming.
[Feature Screenshot Courtesy Save Youtuber/YouTube]

[Feature Screenshot Courtesy Save Youtuber/YouTube]

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