WWE News: Update On How WWE Superstar Randy Orton Hurt His Shoulder

WWE Superstar Randy Orton has been hurt off an on in his career as a pro-wrestler. However, he has always managed to come back with a lot of steam. He also has a good length between his injuries, allowing WWE to trust that he is not overly injury prone. Sadly, Orton is once again hurt. Orton has a shoulder condition that has his shoulders come out of place off and on. The snake-like moves he could do early on were kind of inspired by that.

The idea is that it can help Orton, but it can also be a burden for him. This has caused him to have shoulder issues for years, so this time around it made total sense for him to have the injury but the way he managed to get it is actually hilarious.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Orton hurt his shoulder while taking out the trash at home. Yes, the traditional activity millions of us do around the world on a daily basis actually caused an injury to a pro-wrestler. While it made total sense to get hurt in a ring, the fact it did at home doing something we’ve all done is interesting to note.

Orton HIAC

To be fair to Orton, his shoulder issues over the years make it tough on him to not get hurt regardless of what he does.

He has what is called “hypermobile shoulders.” This condition allows for the shoulders to stretch back much further than the average shoulder does for a normal person. The cool part of this is that the mobility allows for him to look cool in the ring with his movements, but on the flip-side of this it causes him to have joints that wear down much quicker than the average person as well. He will also be prone to shoulder dislocations more than most.

Despite all of this, Randy Orton attempts to keep in good health. He bought a bus that he has someone drive for him. He can go into it after his match and then go to the next town relaxing and icing his shoulders or other hurt areas. It may not mean much to some, but this is a huge help to a pro-wrestler over time. It has allowed him to stay injury free for a while now but these shoulder issues will always come up for him during his career.

Randy RAW

WWE had Orton go in for an MRI last week to check on him and see if he needed surgery. While those results have not yet been released, it would not be surprising if he ended up going through with a surgery to repair some issues with his shoulder that his condition might have already caused.

If he does have to have surgery, he may be out for a good six months, which might prevent him to work WrestleMania 32. The hope is that rehab can fix the issue, but the word is that Randy Orton has been dealing with this issue for months now. Even more than his normal condition. That said, it seems more than likely that surgery might be required. It might be best to do for Orton and WWE overall, but the injury could not have come at any worse time.

John Cena is leaving due to prior commitments which means WWE will be down their top star. Arguably, Randy Orton is their second most popular talent. With both now gone, that might hurt WWE’s ratings a bit. At this point, that is never good. WWE RAW has already dipped in ratings and WWE can’t go any lower at this point. Without Cena an Orton, that could be something that occurs.

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