Oklahoma Man Admits To Stabbing Aunt Because She Said He Eats Too Much

An Oklahoma man has confessed to stabbing his aunt in a violent crime that stems from one bizarre situation. Oklahoma News 6 reports that 21-year-old Leroy Graham has been charged with first-degree murder. However, formal charges have yet to be filed in this strange, violent case. The details surrounding the murder of the man’s aunt are attracting attention in mainstream news, and social media, because of the reasoning provided by the admitted killer.

Authorities in Lindsay, Oklahoma, responded to a 911 call from family members of 66-year-old Shirley Miller, who declared that she was found on the floor in her living room in a pool of her own blood. When authorities arrived at the residence they discovered that the woman had been brutally stabbed numerous times. Authorities found out through interviewing loved ones that the woman’s 21-year-old nephew (Leroy Graham) was the last person to see her before her violent death. After a brief search they found the Oklahoma man walking in the rain. He was covered in blood.

Leroy Graham admitted to authorities that he had stabbed his aunt to death using a butcher knife. The murder weapon, however, has not been found. He told authorities that he tossed the knife into a creek near the home where he reportedly murdered the 66-year-old woman. He also offered a motive for the slaying of his aunt.

Leroy Graham claims that he lost his temper and ultimately killed the woman because she would not stop picking on him and telling him that he eats too much. According to authorities, this had been a topic of conflict between the man and his aunt for quite some time. McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett addressed the situation with comments to the media.

“This has been a family dispute between him and his aunt. He claims she kept picking on him, because she said he ate too much.”

Fox 25 News reports that the Oklahoma man was arrested on Wednesday and arraigned on Thursday on a murder charge. When he faced the judge on Thursday, he was denied bond/bail. He remains jailed, and it’s unknown at this time if he will be freed before his upcoming trial — the date of which has yet to be set.

Brenda Spencer via Murderpedia
Brenda Spencer via Murderpedia

The Oklahoma man’s motive for killing his aunt is indeed strange. However, it’s not the strangest motive given by an accused or admitted killer. In 2011, a 39-year-old man stabbed his mother to death because she wouldn’t buy him Avril Lavigne concert tickets. He’s since been dubbed in media reports as Lavigne’s biggest fan.

In 1979 a teenage girl by the name of Brenda Ann Spencer shot multiple people at a school from her bedroom window. When asked why she did it, she simply said “I don’t like Mondays.” Her crime inspired the hit Boomtown Rats song aptly named “I Don’t Like Mondays.”

Robert Lyons stabbed his mother over concert tickets (via DuPage County State's Attorney's Office)
Robert Lyons stabbed his mother over concert tickets (via DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office)

In 2003, a man named Fergus Glen hacked his brother to death with an axe after the two ate dinner that he had prepared himself. When asked why he did it, he expressed that his brother “simply annoyed” him, and didn’t offer a thank you or even a “ta, bro” after he had prepared them dinner. He reportedly hacked his brother at least eight times in the face and neck with the axe before placing it in the basement and telling their mother what he had done.

At this time it’s not known if the Oklahoma man in this latest case has an attorney, or if he’s being appointed one. Nor is it known if he will be found mentally competent to stand trial. One thing is for certain, though, and that’s that the man doesn’t like to be picked on about how much he eats.

[Photo: McClain County Jail mugshot]

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