Brown University Students Apologize To Malia Obama For Posting Photos Of Her Playing Beer Bong

The U.S. president’s 17-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, was spotted by Brown University students at a party, allegedly playing beer pong and taking shots. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the college students were so excited to see Malia Obama in their midst that they took several photos and posted them online. For some reason, they didn’t expect that photos suggesting the president’s daughter was underage drinking would go viral.

This week, in an editorial published by the Brown Daily Herald, the students responsible for the releasing the photos have written an official apology to Malia Obama, acknowledging their mistake and still hoping she may choose to attend Brown University.

“The motivation to take these pictures was obvious: being at a party with the president’s daughter was an exciting, unexpected moment that many of us wanted to share with our friends,” said the apology to Malia Obama. “We often do not think about our tweets and Snapchats reaching anyone besides our friends and followers, and certainly not news outlets with wide circulation like Buzzfeed.”

Malia Obama, Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Malia Obama, Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The apology also noted that Malia Obama is currently searching for a university to attend, and acknowledged that the selection is even more stressful since the entire United States of America is watching her every move. While it may be too late, the students at Brown University apologized for making this decision even more difficult and stressful than it already was for Malia Obama.

“It is a shame that Malia was unable to visit Brown and enjoy herself at a party without several news headlines coming out about it the next day. While it is understandable that so many students were excited about her visit, it is likely that few of us would enjoy having strangers take pictures of us while we were unaware and post them on the Internet.”

While the apology is a nice gesture and the excitement the students felt to see the president’s daughter at their university is understandable, neither can excuse the student who decided to send a Snapchat photo of Malia Obama at the beer pong table to the Daily Caller, which promptly published the image. BuzzFeed picked up the story shortly after that.

There were other Brown University party attendees who also made public announcements about Malia Obama supposedly drinking at the party, namely on Twitter.

One anonymous Twitter user tweeted, “Malia Obama was taking shots and playing beer pong at a party last night LOL.”

Barack and Malia Obama, Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool, Getty Images
Barack and Malia Obama, Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool, Getty Images

The apology letter ends with a promise that Brown students will be better behaved if Malia Obama shows up on campus ever again, although it’s unlikely the president’s daughter would even go near the campus again.

“Malia did not choose to grow up in the White House, and it is unfair that everything she does at just 17 years old is subject to such harsh scrutiny. While the chances of her selecting Brown have probably decreased since the publication of those articles, if she does ever come back to Brown, hopefully next time we will ‘have more chill.'”

According to Gawker, Malia Obama has been considering a large number of schools besides Brown, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, NYU, Berkeley, Tufts, Barnard, and Wesleyan.

What do you think about Malia Obama getting caught playing beer pong? Should she have been exposed for the whole world to see? Or did she have a right to privacy while seeking out a college to attend? Leave a comment below.

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