Miami Face Eater Chewed But Didn’t Swallow [Preliminary Autopsy Report]

Face eating Miami resident Rudy Eugene may have chewed on the face of homeless victim Ronald Poppo but a preliminary autopsy report has found that he never actually swallowed the victims flesh.

Despite biting off his victims nose, mouth and eyes there was no human flesh found in Eugene’s stomach.

A law enforcement officer tells the The Miami Herald that marijuana was found in the dead man’s body and several undigested and yet to be identified pills.

It will still be weeks before the official toxicology report is released by authorities.

The attack which occurred on May 26 in broad daylight left chunks of the 66-year-old homeless man’s flesh strewn across the ground.

Authorities still believe Eugene may have been influenced by “bath salts” which can cause delirium and violent behavior in users and which can be purchased in both pill and powder form.

Police are still trying to paint a portrait of Eugene’s life leading up to the attack, they known from verified reports that just before he began attacking the homeless man a 911 caller reported that he was “completely naked” and swinging from the top of a light pole on the MacArthur causeway. Directly before the attack Eugene was seen stripping Poppo before attacking his face with his own mouth.

According to one 911 caller:

“He’s beating another man. It’s a naked man beating another man. He is going to kill that man. I promise you.”

Miami-Dade prosecutors will review all findings before the autopsy report is released to the public.

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