UFO Expert Discovers Ancient Tomb In NASA Mars Photo, Find Follows Infamous Buddha Statue Discovery

A top online UFO expert has “discovered” what he says is an ancient tomb visible on the surface of Mars in a NASA Curiosity Rover photo. This latest finding of supposed evidence that an eons-old civilization once inhabited Mars and left behind a planet full of artifacts comes less than a week after the same UFO hunter made worldwide headlines when he published another Mars NASA photo and found what appeared — with the emphasis on “appeared” — to be a statue of Buddha.

The publicity that the “Buddha” discovery received was taken as validation of his UFO and alien research efforts by Scott C. Waring, the Taiwan-based researcher who edits the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily. The site serves as something of an online clearinghouse for photos and videos not only of UFO sightings for the various corners of planet Earth, but also for findings in NASA photos from Mars, the moon, and the International Space Station — as well as any other extraterrestrial location.

The Buddha discovery was made by a YouTube user under the online screen name Paranormal Crucible. One example of the media coverage it received, from ABC News, can be found at this link.

“Guys this is all over the news talking about us at UFO Sightings Daily and Paranormal Crucible of Youtube,” Waring wrote after the discovery went viral, not only on the internet, but in the mainstream media as well. “That Buddha Statue Post seems to be all over the news, both positive and negative, but all around amazing. Its nice UFO researchers are being taken seriously, that this area is a new science and we are the trailblazers.”

Will the newest example of Waring’s “new science” get the same degree of worldwide media attention? The next several days will tell. The alleged finding was made by Waring himself as he examined a photo taken in Gale Crater by the Curiosity Rover, which has been rolling around the Martian surface since it landed on the Red Planet in August of 2012.

Here is the original NASA photo which grabbed Waring’s attention.

NASA Mars Ancient Tomb original photo
(Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)

And here is what Waring saw when he examined the photograph more closely.

NASA Mars Tomb UFO discovery
Is this an ancient Tomb on Mars (Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)

Finally, the following is what Waring had to say about the photo on his blog on Thursday.

“I found an ancient tomb in a Mars photo. It was in Sol 710. I added color to the photo so you can see what I see. The body of the person is in pink with orange hair. The arms are folded in front of its chest just like many of the tomb figures on Earth. It has a cloak over its shoulders, so I made it blue. The flat part of the tomb box itself I made yellow, which is the cover for the tomb. The box itself is 40% buried below the dirt. There is also a small face I made pink above the tomb on the hill.”

The objects circled in a broken red oval are what Waring identifies as the tomb, and in the above composite, he includes a photo of an actual, ancient human sarcophagus for comparison. He also highlighted the “tomb figure” for clarity, as well as the ancient coffin, seen in color here.

The ancient tomb was not Waring’s only seemingly remarkable find on Thursday. He also claimed to have discovered a flowing fresh water stream within camera range of the NASA Curiosity Rover. That alleged discovery also made news in the mainstream media and on Friday, Waring announced on his blog that he had subsequently discovered two more “small streams of water,” and promised to post his new evidence later in the day.

As usual, NASA has offered no comment on the UFO expert’s claims of remarkable discoveries on Mars.

[Featured Photo by NASA]

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