Facebook Video Of Toddler Smoking Cigarette And Drinking Beer Gets 138,000+ Views – Cops Search For Parents [Video]

There’s a disturbing video making the rounds that is causing consternation. In the video, a man appears to put a cigarette in a little boy’s mouth, encouraging him to smoke. Next, the toddler takes a glass, which appears to contain beer, and drinks from it as the man laughs. It’s no laughing matter, reports SF Gate, to show a baby’s health being compromised by encouraging them to smoke and drink alcohol.

As a result, the child in the now viral video is being sought. As written on the Facebook page of Daniel Tecu, if anyone recognizes the toddler in the video, the culprits could be caught.

“Anyone recognize this person? Or what town is? We could announce the city authorities concerned.”

According to the Daily Mail, the little boy who was encouraged to drink beer and smoke a cigarette was with two Romanian adults. The translation of what they are saying in the video has them misleading the little guy, saying that smoking cigarettes and drinking beer was a manly thing to do.

‘This is what being a man is all about!’

The smoking and drinking incident took place in Spain at an outdoor cafe as the toddler sat on one man’s lap, and another person recorded the footage. The video has outraged some people who’ve viewed it, and they are calling for the responsible parties to be brought to justice. They also want to find the little boy to make sure he’s okay. The dad who reportedly encouraged his toddler to take gulps of beer and lit the cigarette for the little boy should be tracked down and punished for his actions, claim folks who are sharing the video and commenting on the article. The Daily Mail article alone has been shared more than 11,000 times.

On Twitter, a search for “smoke drink toddler” brings up all sorts of horrified reactions to the video footage of the toddler being forced to smoke cigarettes and drink beer. Some of the Twitter postings contain links to the YouTube video footage that was copied from the Facebook video, but some of those YouTube videos have been removed. No doubt, it’s either because of copyright infringement issues or because the YouTube users don’t want to be mistaken for the actual father who forced his son to drink beer and smoke cigarettes.

As reported by Yahoo, the little boy in the viral video appears to be around three years of age. Originally appearing on Facebook on October 15, the video has gone viral in the seven days since it was originally posted to Facebook. With more than 138,000 views on Facebook alone and about 3,000 shares, the video is gaining plenty of steam and comments from viewers upset at the disturbing footage.

Tecu is from Madrid, Spain, and he isn’t the little boy’s father, but he is asking for help in locating the little boy’s parents in order to make sure that the boy is safe and being taken care of after the disturbing smoking and drinking video went viral on Facebook. The cute little boy can be seen in a baseball hat and a T-shirt in the video.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the first time that video footage of a child smoking has made the rounds.

Other photos of toddlers smoking and drinking have outraged viewers.

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