Brooks Ayers Shocks In New Interview About RHOC Star Vicki Gunvalson Split & ‘Real Housewives’ Cancer Claims

The Real Housewives Of Orange County (RHOC) has had a central plot recently that focused on Vicki Gunvalson and her belief in, as well as her relationship with, her former boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ claims that he had cancer. Throughout the just-wrapped Season 10 and predicted to be featured in the remaining parts of the RHOC reunion broadcast, that plot featuring Vicki and Brooks has stayed strong on the show, social media, and separate press interviews. Has Ayers been lying about his cancer despite being so constantly defended by Gunvalson? Or, is Ayers an innocent victim of the RHOC cast, with Vicki right to take his side?

The latest interview is offering some shocking details as to whether Brooks Ayers is a con artist or just a victim, albeit a somewhat confused and cranky one at times, reports Jezebel.

Upon dishing about whether he had cancer, Ayers initially claimed to have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. But, Brooks was challenged by the RHOC cast when they observed his fondness for booze and seemingly healthy appearance. Rumors increased when it came out that Vicki was not attending his alleged treatments with physicians.

Was Vicki Gunvalson used as a pawn by Brooks Ayers to convince the RHOC cast and viewers that he had cancer?

In this new interview, Brooks Ayers shares that he already has a new girlfriend and reveals an improvement in his cancer from stage three to stage two. This news follows the revelation during Season 10 that Ayers has halted chemotherapy for a holistic diet and a supposed detox regime.

One shocker during the season came when Briana, who is an ER nurse and Gunvalson’s daughter, revealed that Brooks Ayers informed her he had pancreatic cancer and then subsequently switched to pancreatitis. Ayers now blames this confusion on Vicki Gunvalson, because he claims Gunvalson provided her daughter with erroneous details.

Brooks Ayers also addressed the confusion that resulted when he used PET scans to convince Tamra Judge that he had cancer, and claimed that he had gone to Newport Imaging Center. Meghan King Edmonds subsequently did some detective work and discovered that Newport Imaging did not do such scans.

Meghan King Edmonds sought to find out the truth about Brooks Ayers and his RHOC cancer claims

As for Vicki Gunvalson, Ayers claimed she still believes he has cancer, reported E News.

“Vicki prior to the reunion via email was telling me, ‘Listen I’m feeling very weak. I’m going to be on an island by myself. I’ll do my best,'” shared Brooks. “Post the reunion, she told me I truly believe everything you have told me and the ladies just backed me into a corner.”

Did Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Meghan King Edmonds force Vicki Gunvalson to doubt Brooks Ayers?

After dating for four years, Gunvalson and Brooks sought assistance from what he described as a “reality TV couples counselor.” They decided that they were not a permanent couple, and Ayers summed up how he felt after that judgment.

“We made the decision that we probably weren’t going to be for forever, and when I made that statement mid-July in the counseling session, it was like…the piano was lifted off my back.”

With that snark from Brooks, how is Vicki doing? Gunvalson is dating again and enjoying her free-to-mingle single life, according to Radar Online.

Although Vicki has no exclusive relationships, one person whom Gunvalson is dating is a familiar face to RHOC fans, said an insider.

“It’s someone that fans would recognize,” shared the source. “And someone that Brooks knows too.”

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