South Carolina Boy, 16, Who Had Tongue Bitten Off While Sexually Assaulting Woman During Alleged Home Invasion Is Charged As An Adult

North Charleston Police Department says that 16-year-old Antoine Miller of North Charleston, South Carolina, who had his tongue bitten off by a woman he was allegedly sexually assaulting during a home invasion, will be charged as an adult. According to KFVS 12, Miller will be “charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and first-degree kidnapping.”

At approximately 6:30 a.m. last Friday, a 33-year-old woman – whose name has not been released – says she was in bed at her home on Sumner Avenue when she suddenly heard a knock at the door. She got out of bed to open the door but to her astonishment, there was no one there. She then went back to bed but was awakened to yet another knock at the door followed by a doorbell ring. Again, no one was at the door, but the third time she opened the door, she went outside to find a male – who was later identified as high school student Antoine Miller — standing by the side of her house, holding a knife with a white handle to his chest.

The woman told police officials that she screamed “No” just before running back into her home. However, before she could slam the door shut and lock it behind her, Miller ran after her and already had half of his body in the house. He then forced his way in and “tackled her to the floor, punched her several times and told her to ‘stop fighting and I won’t hurt you.'” According to the Daily Mail, Miller asked the victim where the bedroom was and proceeded to pick her up and carry her to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Miller allegedly tried to take the victim’s shorts off to sexually assault her but she began to fight back and repeatedly kick him in the groin. That’s when the teen told her, “Now you have to die,” before shoving his tongue down her throat. She told investigators that she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap,” and Miller then left the bedroom, screaming in agony. The victim, who still had Miller’s tongue in her mouth, threw it on the kitchen floor as she ran to her car and drove to a nearby business to contact the North Charleston police because she realized she left her phone on the kitchen table.

When police officials arrived at the gas station, where the victim was located, at around 7:08 a.m., they said she had a “visible bruise around her right eye with swelling, and had scratches under her left knee and on top of her left foot.” Although the woman said the suspect was standing in the hallway prior to her rushing out of the home, he fled the scene before the police arrived at the woman’s residence to conduct an investigation. Not only did they discover blood in the bathroom and the suspect’s knife in the victim’s yard, but his tongue was also found at the crime scene and was placed in a bag of ice.

Miller was subsequently arrested at a local Waffle House on Northwoods Boulevard after his mother – who was oblivious to the attack – called 911 dispatch after learning her son’s tongue had been bitten off and was in need of medical attention. Before Miller was booked into the county jail, he was transferred to Trident Hospital for treatment, but it is unclear if they were able to reattach his tongue.

Miller is currently facing a slew of criminal charges, and NCPD says he will be charged as an adult. The teen is being held at the county jail without bond.

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