‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Pre-Finalists Revealed And When Overnight Dates And Finale Film

Some new scoops on The Bachelor 2016 spoilers have just been uncovered. The cast is currently preparing to film in Warsaw, Indiana. In the meantime, Reality Steve has obtained some extra spoilers on who the pre-finalists will be going into this episode. He also noted in his update when the overnight dates and finale is scheduled to film.

A fan tweeted that The Bachelor is filming today at a courthouse. Steve retweeted the post that read, “#TheBachelor is filming at the court house..which Tahoe are you in Ben?”

On Friday, there will be a date at Rex’s Rendevous and it’s open to the public. It’s anticipated that there will be some photos circulating around on social media. By the end of the weekend there should be a lot of additional spoilers for The Bachelor 2016 season.

According to Steve, the remaining six contestants are Becca Tilley, Lauren Bushnell, Emily Ferguson, Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, and Amanda Stanton.

In the Bahamas, the three ladies eliminated were Olivia Caridi, Lauren Himle, and Leah Block. A few days ago it was spoiled that those three tallied the remaining nine contestants. Now six women are vying for Ben’s heart on the show.

Olivia Caridi was eliminated before the dates in Warsaw began (Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot).

So, if anyone was curious how long Olivia was going to continue deceiving Ben, something happened to keep her from going any further after her time spent in the Bahamas. Did any drama that The Bachelor is known for happen with Olivia and Ben? Did Ben listen to what one of the women had to say about Olivia not being on the show for the right reasons? Reports have already pegged her as one of the women that Ben can’t trust because she supposedly inflates her moral values to match his. An insider told Life & Style about the broadcast journalist in Virgina, “She’s opportunistic, she’s fake and she’s only on The Bachelor for the fame.”

Olivia got the first impression rose, which caused some preliminary anger among fans after reading what various reports had to say about her. It all began when Life & Style published that report about Ben Higgins already being “betrayed by a contestant.” A source alleged that Olivia wasn’t even single when she applied for the show and when she got a call by producers, she dumped her boyfriend.

Steve adds in his blog that he’ll release the episode-by-episode spoilers in November. He writes that so far, six episodes have been filmed.

As for the important dates that everyone is waiting in suspense for, the hometown dates will begin taping on October 28. The cast will begin filming overnight dates on November 11 and the finale is set for November 18.

There’s expected to be 25 contestants on The Bachelor 2016 season. So far, 17 have been revealed, as another Inquisitr article just revealed. At this point, the cast list consists of Amanda Stanton, Amber James, Becca Tilley, Breanne Rice, Caila Quinn, Emily Ferguson, Haley Ferguson, Jen Saviano, JoJo Fletcher, Jubilee Sharpe, Lace Morris, Lauren Barr, Lauren Bushnell, Lauren Himle, Leah Block, Olivia Caridi, and Rachel Tchen.

Emily Ferguson is in the pre-finalist category on Ben Higgins' season of 'The Bachelor' 2016 (Photo Credit: Emily Ferguson/Twitter).

Pre-finalists going into the Warsaw dates also included JoJo Fletcher. The Inquisitr also wrote about this young lady being a potential candidate for The Bachelorette next season. Reality Steve wrote on his blog, “And if you’re looking for an early candidate for next Bachelorette, it’s JoJo. Just sayin.'”

So, who of the six remaining finalists will be the final four going into hometowns? It might be hard to predict with very little backstory being revealed. It’s unclear what dynamics are at play at this point in the game. It helps to know more about what the chemistry is between Ben and The Bachelor contestants before rooting for anyone quite yet.

The Bachelor 2016 airs at the beginning of January in ABC.

[Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot and Commons Wikimedia/Kippelboy/Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 3.0]